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Mollymook Ocean Swimming


Mollymook ocean swimming

The Mollymook ocean swimmers are not an organised group. They are simply a number of local Mollymook Milton Ulladulla citizens joined by numerous other ocean swimmers holidaying in the Mollymook Milton Ulladulla area who enjoy an ocean swim each morning. They meet at the Mollymook Surf Club – 6.45 am week days & 7.00 am – weekends. There is no water safety,  each person chooses individually whether or not to swim in the prevailing conditions and if so the distance they swim and understand they swim at their own risk. Most endeavour to swim in pairs or groups and numbers vary from 4 to 6 in the winter to say 40 during summer.           

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A poet is discovered during Isolation


Filling in Time, Leonie turns her hand to Poetry


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Leonie the Poet in isolation out Lockhart way

     Leonie in isolation.


Our world has wound down to a very slow pace

When all we can do is remain in our place

We thought in a few weeks this all would be over

And the world could go back to being on clover

When Gladys says now this is the norm

It’s beginning to sink in we have to conform

With technology bringing us Facetime and Zoom

We can bring all our family right into the room

I am zoomed into yoga at the breaking of dawn

And my quilting instructions come in the morn

To see that my friends are quilting with zest

Inspires me onto produce my best

We long for this virus to be under control

To be back with you all will be good for our soul

At this point in time it is out of our reach

But what we really would like is to get to the beach

To walk with our friends and to swim with the fish

When the timing is right will be our first wish

With time on our hands and no one about

We look for a chat when we get to go out

It is a good chance to fit lots of things in

We’ve cleaned out some cupboards and filled up our bin

Sorted the photos and watched some good flicks

And constantly finding something to fix

It is nice to have time to sit down with a cup

And not be concerned that the time is all up

Corona has certainly forced us to stop

And we wait for instructions which come from the top

Always wash your hands is Scomo’s call and we know he just wants to protect us all

Go forward my friends with a cheerful shrug  and long for the day we can all have a hug



In closing, just click on this link to watch: ‘a special video

Missing you all; Leonie.













Ken B., Mollymook Beach Waterfront: Editor for Mollymook News and Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla

Graeme: Self Isolation up at Port Stephens


Graeme and Deborah’s ‘World of Isolation’


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Port Stephens,mollymook

Its tough up here in Port Stephens


Greetings: Deborah and I are self isolating like the rest up here in Port Stephens. The area has had about 40 cases of coronavirus , fortunately no deaths. Our two main beaches are closed so a few of us have been exercising ( by swimming) at Shoal Bay. The water has been beautifully clean of late.


During the day I labour away (poorly I must add) doing jig saw puzzles. I’ve attempted one of Hawaii ( surf 🏄‍♀️) and another of the Merewether Baths where I learnt to swim, firstly by mastering  the ‘dog paddle’ stroke. 


Stay safe guys, I’ll come down to catch up when this is over.
















Ken B., Mollymook Beach Waterfront: Editor for Mollymook News and Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla

Sue & Chris share their Isolation story


Sue and Chris share these ‘Virus Vacation Venture’ ideas


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Sue and Chris' Isolation story,Narrawallee Beach

Pic of Narrawallee Beach


We have been spending our aquatic time between Narrawallee Beach and both ends of Mollymook. After a hectic week at work, fighting the traffic and finally finding a parking spot, Chris staggered onto Narrawallee Beach, on Easter Saturday, and found a relatively uncrowned spot for his social distancing swim. 



Mollymook Swimmer Laura W. shares her story


Mollymook Ocean Swimmer, Laura Wallace’s way of managing Self-Isolation


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Lake Tabourie,mollymook

Laura shares her story


Here I am bunkered down in Lake Tabourie and after reading the recent swimmers posts I thought to share with you, my isolation activity.


A few weeks ago, I bought a bungy swimming cord so I could keep up my swim training. It’s quite a resistance workout. I swim for about an hour most days in our pool. It’s like swimming against a strong, never ending current.


The water temperature is currently 19 degrees and although it can be physically and mentally challenging swimming on the same spot for a period of time, once I’ve found my rhythm it’s quite meditative.


I’m so glad I managed to get a hold of one of these.


I’m hoping to continue my backyard pool training throughout the coming winter, although I’m not sure how cold it might get. 


Miss you guys, stay safe. Love Laura.



Mollymook Swimmer Kaye B. shares her story


The World of Isolation for a single person – The Great Reset: Kaye asks; how are we now to live?


The Great Reset in one’s life: How am I now to live? Not see anyone? This and many other thoughts have been running through my head. We are social beings; how do I change from living like I am use to?

This is a massive reset in lifestyle. I’m not finding it simple, but it’s like the universe is telling me and everyone else, that during this pandemic, we have to change!

Being use to a life of peace, relative prosperity, travel, competition and socialising with fellow swimmers, all of a sudden, I’m to self-isolate. We are being told to change, to stay at home, indoors, no socialising ….

I find it difficult, especially being a single person, humans need one another. We need connection and expressions of kindness.

To adjust to this new ‘norm’ I began spending my time sorting through my photo albums which I will be able to leave for my family when I pass on, which is not soon, I hope.

But I needed some fresh air. Outdoor exercise is permissible so each day I’m now going for a walk. I’ve also got a bike so I have begun riding my bike, sometimes 20 kms in distance.

Having been an ex-Phys. Ed. P.E. teacher, the thing I am missing the most are gym workouts and yoga.

So, I undertook the task to transform my garage into a small gym with an exercise program designed for fun and to keep the muscles flexible and toned.

I would like to share my fitness program with others who may be interested in keeping themselves fit and flexible. Furthermore, it will help keep your mind occupied and happy. All that you need is some room to spare in either your garage or lounge room.

For ideas you can call me on 4455 2737 or 0410 249 388 and I can explain the fit out and provide an exercise program.

Love and miss you all, Kaye Beer.


See pics below of various exercises.



Two’s a couple three’s a crowd for exercise


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Easter Sunday 2020,mollymook


The above cartoon a friendly reminder, courtesy of Chris.



Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Easter Sunday 2020,mollymook

Mollymook Beach Sunday Morning.

Click on pics to enlarge throughout


Easter Holidays 2020 – Mollymook


Easter 2020: Photo’s of former South Coast holiday ‘HOT SPOT’ – Mollymook


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Easter 2020,mollymook


Who could have ever imagined, hardly a soul at Mollymook, and its the Easter long weekend.

Golf club closed, Surf club closed, Newsagent closed, beach not patrolled, motels and holiday accommodation properties empty. Welcome to the former tourist mecca on the NSW South Coast, Mollymook. This is Easter 2020.

Easter is normally a time for friends and family. It’s a chance to take a break, unwind and reflect. But this year its very different. There are no group barbecues, picnics or footy. Just more time indoors, waiting this thing out. Hopefully you’re all coping okay with the isolation. Today my wife suggested we go to the movies at 37 Riversdale Ave. She had chosen the DVD titled; ‘Seeking a friend for the end of the world’. It explored the crazy things one does when humanity’s last days are at hand. Under our present ‘self isolating’ circumstances, I didn’t find it inspiring. 

Thanks to John & Jacqui, Jo and Ross, Lloyd and Lekshe for sharing their stories last week. Comments included:

Louise wrote; “Missing everyone… it’s just not the same …. something we take for granted is seeing our friends.. our people everyday….. now we can’t see our people you realise just how precious our morning swims, banter with friends mean”.

Mike sent this message from Canberra; “What strange times! I am missing being at Mollymook with everyone, not sure when we’ll be there next. I hope that you are all managing to safely traverse this peculiar and worrying landscape.  Elisabeth and I are OK, staying housebound, venturing out occasionally for essentials and a bit of walking exercise. I am doing those odd jobs that seem to have been waiting in the shadows for years! Hopefully things will return to normal soon – and we can all swim together again – to the reef, the creek, the corner . . . ANYWHERE . .., (ahhh)”

Lena (stranded in Australia, with nothing much to do) wrote; “I really enjoy reading the articles about the swimmers. This one last week was amazing !” (It included a pic of Lena) 

We would love to hear some more stories, share your story/experience with fellow swimmers who are mostly locked up!

This week we hear from Dick Morath, Ian and Leonie McLeod, James Mabbutt whilst Bernie shows of his new backyard following his purchase in Clyde Street.

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Daylight saving is over for this season


The Difference a Day can make: Finally Daylight Saving is Over and the Dawning of a new day.


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,day light saving ends

This above pic was taken just after 6.00 am, today Sunday rather than 7.00 am Saturday.

It’s been suggested that to keep swimmers connected, we begin running ‘their story’ on what they are doing during this ‘Coronavirus pandemic’ period. 

As a lot don’t do Facebook, then the swimmers posts are an avenue for each to share their story, suggest including a few pics if possible, as that always helps in conveying a message. Even some humour.

What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?

To get the ball rolling, the following are some contributions from John and Jacqui, Lekshe, Ross and Jo, and also Lloyd.

Click on pics to enlarge throughout


Swimmers adhering to Government Regulation


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,coronavirus

Avoiding contact with others, each 1.5 metres apart and less than 10 in the group

Thanks to Sue, she is so vigilant reminding swimmers to keep their 1.5 metres from each other, AND that the group does not exceed 10 persons as per Government Health instructions due to the rampaging Coronavirus. Media articles are also warning about the spam email articles saying this that and the other, which includes a lot of misinformation. For factual information on this deadly virus its best to refer to the following articles release by various ‘Health Authorities’. Click on the following links:

NSW Health

Australian Government, Department of Health

World Health Organisation


NOTE:  Link ‘Social Distancing‘  For outdoor activities, there must not be more than 10 people and each 1.5 metres apart.


2020 NSW State Surf Titles: Highlights


HIGHLIGHTS from the final surf carnival for the 2019-2020 season


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,mollymook surf club,2020 NSW SLS Titles

17 yr old Sammy Zustovich Mollymook Surf Club wins the Open Beach Flags


A highlight that must rank with the best for the entire 2020 NSW SLS titles was the win by young 17 year old Sammy Zustovich competing in the Open Beach Flags. He led all the way but the win didn’t come easy, take a close look at the 2nd placed competitor. Besides being a champion athlete, Sammy is mature beyond his years and a wonderful role model for our younger athletes.

Prior to this above pinnacle of all beach events, Sammy had won GOLD in the U/19 Beach Sprint and GOLD in the U/19 Beach Flags.

Photos throughout courtesy of Ken Banks, Daniel Danuser and Richard Black members of the NSW SLSA media team.

Click on following pics to enlarge throughout


Mollymook Beach, fun and some surfing


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Mollymook Surfing

Garry having some fun on the waves at Mollymook this morning


Click on the following pics to enlarge throughout


2020 – Broulee Ocean Swim


Mollymook Ocean Swimmer’s compete at the Broulee Ocean Swim – 2020


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Broulee Ocean swim

Mollymook Ocean swimmers primed and ready to go


Sue filed this post on their trip to Broulee: “Five faithful swimmers headed down to beautiful Broulee for the 9th Annual Ocean Swim: Sue, Chris, Greg, Kathryn, Issi and Lena. Ken and Janice Burton joined us for morning tea with their lovely pooch. The water temperature was a pleasant 20.8 degrees although the breeze was a little cool to begin with. It was a gorgeous sunny Autumn day showcasing the beauty of this part of the South Coast.

Due to the rougher conditions the swim changed from being “Bay to Breakers” and became “Bay to Bay” , with a 1.4 km course set out in Broulee Bay. A Westpac Rescue Helicopter, RMS boat, jet skis, and various other water craft ensured the safety of all swimmers. 

Sadly, the organisers were trialling a new ankle timing system…which failed! So, no times were able to be recorded, but we are all adamant we each swam a PB!!

Despite this setback, the event was terrific, and we look forward to returning next year with a larger group of excited Mollymook swimmers”.  (Broulee photo credits, Sue)


Click on pics to enlarge throughout


Memories – A Night To Be Remembered


A Night To Be Remembered – Celebrating John and Jacqui’s ‘Three Score and Ten Years’

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Mollymook


To All Our Wonderful Friends and Family

Thank you so much for our surprise birthday party last night. We were so overcome by your love and kindness that words simply can’t describe.

What an amazing feeling to know we are a part of a such very special group of people and thank you for the wonderful card and gift. We feel very spoilt.

Special thanks to Jo, Ross and Mel for putting it together, all you cooks, bakers, poster makers and photographer. 

Love to you all, John and Jacqui.


Each image was reduced from 10Mb  to 100Kb for loading, therefore quality has suffered a little.


2020 ASRL Surf boat championships


Australian Surf Rowers League (ASRL) 2020 Surf Boat Championships.


Mollymook ocean swimmers,North Cronulla surf club,Freshwater surf club,Moruya surf club,mollymook beach waterfront,ASRL,surf boats,destination mollymook milton ulladulla

Image 1. South Maroubra Ladies category. 

Day 1 – Held at Mollymook in a BIG Surf


These pics on Friday the 1st day of competition testify to the testing surf conditions that greeted all the crews. The outstanding Mollymook performances would have to be Gene Austin’s fantastic sweeping ability in such difficult conditions. Another excellent performance was by the 200 years male crew making the final for their category, whilst the Men’s A reserve ‘White’ crew advanced through to the 2nd round.



Lekshe Losal thanks Treading Lightly


Lekshe says thanks for the change of address


Mollymook Ocean Swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Treading Lightly Inc,Milton Tourist Park,Bendigo Bank,Myrtle Gully

Mollymook Ocean Swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Treading Lightly Inc,Milton Tourist Park,Bendigo Bank,Myrtle Gully


After a sleepless night last night and no coffee with the Mollymook Ocean swimmers this morning, Lekshe was fearing the worse case scenario. Would the caravan be a reality or was it all a dream? Following some quick action by Moni at Treading Lightly Inc. and the Bendigo Bank, Lekshe was taken to Kings Point mid morning and introduce to Rod from Ulladulla Toyota and the caravan.

It was a reality, Lekshe was over the moon, verbose with expressions of gratitude.

Behind the scenes; Bendigo Bank who knew Lekshe and her predicament following the Myrtle Gully fires began looking for a replacement caravan. Word got back to them that Rod at Ulladulla Toyota had one for sale at $8,000. Following the approach from Bendigo Bank, Rod reduced the price down to $4,000. Treading Lightly also became aware of Lekshe’s homeless position and put their hand up to cover the $4,000 outlay. It was a beautiful outcome, one that Lekshe is over whelmed with gratitude. Another beautiful ‘Act of Kindness’ in this caring Mollymook Milton Ulladulla community.