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Welsh Island, Narrawallee Ocean Swim Classic


Narrawallee Beach,Narrawallee,Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Mollymook Beach Waterfront,Mollymook Beach

Intrepid group of Mollymook Ocean Swimmers prior to their Welsh Island to Narrawallee Ocean Swim. (Pic credit, Leonie)


Narrawallee Beach,Narrawallee,Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Mollymook Beach Waterfront,Mollymook Beach

Pic: The route from ‘Welsh Island to

Narrawallee and return. Pic credit: Dave. (Hans also sent in a route pic)

Take Us to the Morning Sun in ‘Nazza’


Mike provides the following report: “After weeks of meticulous planning and kilometres of arduous ocean racing preparation, a bunch of intrepid Mollymook ocean swimmers took the journey to Narrawallee (aka ‘Nazza’) to participate in the inaugural Welsh Island Classic.

Why? I hear you ask. Well, it was because we are inspired by aquatic life, plus by late February, Summer’s on the run. People told us ‘bout the Welsh Island way so we thought we’d have some fun. They didn’t try and hold us back. There was nothin’ they could say.

So there we were – ‘goggled eyes in paradise – and we went to swim today . . . [humming]

Take us to the morning sun in Nazza (Oh-oh-oh)
Take us where this classic swim
Gonna treat us so right, so right, so right

We waded in just north of Welsh Island (cartographically known as ‘unnamed island’) and swam around its eastern shore. In open water now, we headed south towards the far corner of Narrawallee beach where we frolicked among the waves.  Once everyone arrived, we regrouped and set off on the return journey.  

As we passed Welsh Island for the second time, we could almost smell the scrumptious brunch, beneath the sunny sky. Barista coffees comin’ to us baby ’cause right before our eyes, our hosts Sue and Chris together with a generous band of helpers and supporters were preparing for our return.  Thanks so much to Sue and Chris for opening their home and lending their name to this classic event, and thanks to Greg for his wonderful brain wave in conceiving it.

We had so much fun in the post swim debrief . . . Friends talking on the balcony, talkin’ ’bout sea life love, talkin’ ’bout the rocks and waves, and the way they shake    us     up . . . [singing]

Take us to the morning sun in Nazza (Oh-oh-oh)
Take us where this classic swim
Has treated us so right, so right, so right

[also inspired by Dragon and ScoMo]

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Welsh Island, Narrawallee – Ocean Swim

2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games,Sami Kennedy-Sim,Beijing Olympics,Mollymook Beach Waterfront,Mollymook,Narrawallee

Welsh Island, Narrawallee Ocean Swim – Preview (Pic credit: Sue)


‘Welsh Island’ Classic this Sunday, February 20, 2022


Greg has provided the following details: Narrawallee Part 2, another scenic swim.

Meeting 6;30  @ 51 Matron Porter Drive  Narrawallee. (Just look for the ‘Welsh Manor’)

This swim will be a beach start (opposite ‘Welsh Manor’) out around ‘Welsh Island’,  then head south to the southern end of Narrawallee beach (re group) and head back northwards, around ‘Welsh Island’ and into the beach. Here we will regroup and head to the ‘Welsh manor’ for a fresh shower and scrumptious  light breakfast, followed up with coffee. It will be fantastic …

(Swim approx. 2kms , water temp expected to be just lovely with a light northerly wind.)

Look forward 2cu there for swim adventure number 2. Regards, GSM😎

Comments from last Saturday’s Jones Beach to Narrawallee swim qualifier

Glynis wrote: “Well done everyone maybe next time I will join you elite swimmers. I was in Sydney for the weekend, was thinking about you all !!” 

John Sarich (nee Smeeth) wrote: “What an awesome swim. Looking forward to having a crack at that swim on my next visit down south”. 

Beijing Winter Olympics reminder,

Don’t forget our ‘Mollymook connection’, Sami Kennedy-Sim will compete on Thursday February 17. Details and times on my recent post: Link – Sami – Beijing Winter Olympics.



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Narrawallee Ocean Swim Report


Beijing Olympics,Narrawallee,Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Intrepid group of Mollymook Ocean Swimmers (The following pic credits, Greg, Helen and Tim)


Beijing Olympics,Narrawallee,Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

‘Once in a Lifetime’ Swim’ 

Jones Beach to South Narrawallee


Mike provides the following report: “This morning we Mollymook swimmers found ourselves swimming in another part of the ocean, in beautiful water with a beautiful coastline.  And we asked ourselves ‘how did we get here?’ Well, a few of us felt that we’d been letting the days go by, and it was time for new adventures.

So with expert logistical support (thanks to Greg and the taxi-driving team), over twenty of us gathered in the early light above Jones Beach, stopped for a quick photo op, and then stumbled over rocks and stones into the blue again, the silent water.  Our destination – the idyllic sands of South Narrawallee some 1.4 kms to the north west!

We glided and churned through the waves asking ourselves ‘how do we work this?’ not letting the water hold us down, instead noting the vibrant sea life and the water at the bottom of the ocean. For many it was a once in a lifetime experience.   

Before too long, the first arrivals emerged from the shore break to be followed by a succession of companions realising that time wasn’t after us. Feeling chuffed at making it, we asked ourselves ‘What have we done’?

Later we gathered at Milton for a debrief, coffee and a Mollymook ocean swimming community catch-up.

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was . . . 

[after David Byrne, Talking Heads ‘Once in a Lifetime’]”




Pic: The route from Jones Beach to Narrawallee. (Thanks Tim)

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Bird Life – Narrawallee Beach


Birdlife,Bird life,Narrawallee,Narrawallee beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Little Wattlebirds at Narrawallee Beach


Bird Life – Narrawallee Beach


The ‘Bird Life’ captured in these images were taken at Narrawallee Inlet and Narrawallee Beach. Easy walking in both beach and Inlet areas with an array of local coastal bird life.

(Click on images to enlarge)



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Sue & Chris share their Isolation story


Sue and Chris share these ‘Virus Vacation Venture’ ideas


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook news,mollymook beach waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla,Sue and Chris' Isolation story,Narrawallee Beach

Pic of Narrawallee Beach


We have been spending our aquatic time between Narrawallee Beach and both ends of Mollymook. After a hectic week at work, fighting the traffic and finally finding a parking spot, Chris staggered onto Narrawallee Beach, on Easter Saturday, and found a relatively uncrowned spot for his social distancing swim.