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Mollymook Ocean Swimmers Annual Awards Night


Mollymook Ocean Swimmers 2022 Awards night and Christmas Party.


Mollymook ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook,swimmer of the year,2022

Tim, harmonica and guitar.

Mollymook ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook,swimmer of the year,2022

Mike and Lloyd sing some beautiful ‘old time’ songs.

Organiser for our 2022 ‘Night of Nights’, Gentleman John Louth writes: “Many thanks to all who made this year’s Ocean Swimmers Christmas Party a joyful conclusion to another year of friendships and shared experiences. A special thanks to: 

  • Mollymook SLSC, Emma and Adam for making the function room available and managing the bar. 
  • Our musical trio Mike, Lloyd and Tim who wore their guitar plucking fingers to the bone and who needed frequent 1st aid beer lubrication to keep singing and harmonica playing through out the night.
  • And everyone who provided the delicious food plates and helped with the set up and clean up.

Award presentations.

When time came for our traditional award presentations, Mike called a halt to the music and introduced Chris to bestow the embarrassing yet coveted Golden Flipper Award”. 

Mike provided the details in regard to ‘Golden Flipper Nominations – Night of Nights, 2022

A hush descended on the room as breaths were held and Chris listed the three finalists. (“The names are real- the circumstances may have been embellished to embarrass the hapless nominees:)

SteveDon’t stand so close to me – The tale of the tracki-dacks

It was a typical cool cloudy morning at Mollymook Beach as the sun slowly peaked above the horizon.  In the gloomy light of early morning, it was not easy to see who was wearing what.  The usual friendly greetings, discreet disrobing and murmured shuffling were underway. 

As the group reached the sandy shore and the company came into view, fellow swimmers were shocked to find that Steve was wearing tracki-dacks. Feigning nonchalance, Steve explained these pants were simply his porous wetsuit. (This is after forgetting to bring his track pants to change into after the swim and sitting around in his towel for coffee).  

SimoneDumped at Sea – Separation, reunification and the race goes on

Always a skilled and crafty competitor at Surf Carnivals, it was no surprise that Simone decided to deliberately part company with her board, and gain advantage over her rivals by signaling for the assistance of a nearby IRB. However, the crew had been warned about the likelihood of some aquatic shenanigans and were wise to her tricks.

So rather than speeding her towards the beach where Simone could take a running leap onto the sand and surge toward the finish line, the IRB turned seaward in search of her lost board.    The board was located just off the edge of the continental shelf. Simone was then thrown backed into the water with much jubilation and told to ‘toughen up princess’.  She paddled back the whole way through the ferocious surf.

TimGot everything? – Heart stopping action at least I have my gear

Tim’s heart was pumping – well intermittently at least. That morning he almost woke up enough to go swimming, but no – why not just lie down and dream about worming, cubby houses and beachside windsocks.  But his heart was not in it.

Better still, and after some sage advice from a local gifted physician, he thought ‘how about  I go to hospital in Nowra’. Transport was arranged, his Uber driver asked ‘have you got everything, mate – you know just in case you get an invitation to sleep over’  Tim replied ‘sure’ He looked down and realised he was carrying his swimming bag”.

Chris held the audience in suspense for a few seconds longer before calling Steve up to be presented with the  Golden dazzling Flipper to the cheers of all.


Mollymook ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook,swimmer of the year,2022

Chris presents Steve with the coveted Golden Flipper Award.



‘1st Past the Post Award’.

Once the room was settled, Mike adjusted the microphone for John to present a special and unique “1st Past the Post Award”  to our dear friend and swimmer Neil Gray. Neil has become the very first of our merry band to hit 80 and a very youthful 80 at that. His secret to youth ,“Never Let The Old Man In” was first coined by Clint Eastwood in a memorable TV interview and is a good one for all of us to take on board.  A standing ovation from the crowd … Well done Neil!

Mollymook ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook,swimmer of the year,2022

John presents Neil with the “1st Past the Post Award”.



2022 Mollymook Ocean Swimmer/s of the Year Award.

The ultimate award presentation of the evening and eyes were darting around the room for clues as to who might possibly be the deserving winner. Arguably the hardest decision faced by every past award holder and here’s the prelude.  After much sage advice from and discussion with “The Awards Board”,  the final decision rested on a few critical criteria and not one but a couple of very worthy swimmers came out tops. A joint award was not only deserved but highly practical.  Kathryn and Greg became the 1st couple to be awarded the honour for their joint outstanding swimming record throughout the year, caring for other swimmers in the water, arranging trips away, golfing days and swimming adventure days.  Unfortunately Greg was down with COVID and couldn’t attend but Kathryn came to the stage and accepted the famous award for them both.  

Once again a huge standing ovation by all to welcome Kathryn and Greg to a year of intense paparazzi frenzy and media attention!


Mollymook ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook,swimmer of the year,2022

John presents Kathryn with the Mollymook Ocean Swimmer/s Award for 2022.














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