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Mollymook Swimmers – Christmas & New Year


Traditional New Year’s Day, ‘Length of Beach’ swim at Mollymook

.,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Some of the 40 or so New Year’s Day swimmers

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Mollymook Ocean Swimmer of the Year Award


Garry Hunt, 2018 Mollymook Ocean Swimmer of the Year.


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook beach,mollymook,mollymook beach waterfront,www-mollymook-ocean-swimmers-com-au,www mollymook ocean swimmers com au

Organiser and Host Sean, with Mike on the guitar

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook beach,mollymook,mollymook beach waterfront,www-mollymook-ocean-swimmers-com-au,www mollymook ocean swimmers com au

An elated ‘Swimmer of the Year’: Garry Hunt

2018 Mollymook Ocean Swimmer of the Year.

Spontaneous thunderous applause greeted the announcement of Garry Hunt as the 2018 Swimmer of the Year.

Garry was a unanimous choice for this year’s coveted trophy. Regarded as an all-round champion individual. He greets everyone with a smile and never has an ill word for anyone. Furthermore, he is a determined swimmer who never gives up regardless of the conditions.

Mollymook Milton Ulladulla e-news Dec 2018


Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla Tourism e-news December 2018


Mollymook Beach Waterfront,Cupitts,Bannisters,Tallwood,Restaurants,Mollymook Surf Club,mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla

DOMAIN Press Release, December 2018. Why Mollymook is the perfect sea change all-rounder. Draw-cards: Pristine beaches! Fine dining! 


Domain Article: Quote “Mollymook has long been a favourite of holidaymakers and retirees, but a broader range of buyers now see the appeal.” The draw-cards being among other things its pristine beaches and fine dining.    

Link to read their full ‘Domain – Mollymook article



Spectacular Surf Boat Carnival at Narooma


Carnage at the Narooma Surf Boat Carnival

Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook beach,mollymook surf club

Tathra Ladies Boat crew

Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook beach,mollymook surf club

Broulee Boat crew


The recent Narooma Surf Boat Carnival became quite spectacular with a sand bar bringing boats to there grief.

(Images from Facebook, photographer unknown)


Dolphins, a morning visit to Mollymook

Another glorious morning at the beach with the Dolphins 

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach


Playful dolphins this morning. One dolphin was madly flapping its tail which is an indication it was possibly giving birth to a baby dolphin. The flapping is reportedly an aid in the birth process.

  To view a dolphin giving birth: Click on this: YouTube video of a Dolphin giving birth  


Swimmers Christmas party: Save the date, Saturday December 22, 2018 at the Surf Club upstairs with a planned start at 6.00 pm. Pot luck evening meal, so bring a plate and some nibbles. Also bring your own alcohol, glasses, crockery and cutlery. For more info speak to our organiser Sean.

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Mollymook Golf Club Breakfast & PM Tapas


Golf Club opening for morning Breakfast and evening Tapas

The above is in addition to their Lunch and Dinner Dining Hours


Mollymook Beach Waterfront,Mollymook Golf Club

Mollymook Golf Club’s trained young staff are here to make your dining experience, a memorable one!


Last year the Mollymook Golf Club opened over the Christmas – January period for morning breakfast and evening tapas. This was in addition to their normal daily provision of lunch and dinner.

It was a roaring success!

So this Christmas – January period they intend to replicate last year’s successful morning breakfast and evening tapas offerings.

Accommodation guests at Mollymook Beach Waterfront spoke glowingly about the quality of their meals and service being provided. Besides this you can enjoy the best ocean views in the district. On guest wrote: “We rated the Mollymook Golf Club 5/5 for service, quality & variety of food which included flexible menus to cater for gluten and dairy free diets, and value for money”. Jill and Mark P. Newcastle. December 24, 2017

Breakfast Open Monday – Sunday 8:00am – 10:30am | Dates 27th Dec 2018 – 12th Jan 2019

Tapas Open Monday – Sunday 5:30pm – 9pm | Dates 27th Dec 2018 – 12th Jan 2019

Millhouse Gallery – Christmas Exhibition


Millhouse Christmas Art Exhibition at the Ulladulla Civic Centre


Art,Gallery,Millhouse Art Gallery,Milton,NSW,Millhouse Gallery,mollymook beach waterfront

Art,Gallery,Millhouse Art Gallery,Milton,NSW,Millhouse Gallery,mollymook beach waterfront



28TH DECEMBER TO 6TH JANUARY, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm

An exciting and colourful display of paintings by Millhouse artists will once again be hanging in the Ulladulla Civic Centre after Xmas. Locals and visitors to the beautiful Shoalhaven area look forward to this one. With contemporary and traditional paintings in all media for reasonable prices, it won’t disappoint this year. Why not drop into the Sandbar Cafe at the Civic Centre then wander downstairs to check out the exhilarating exhibition. Along with many paintings there’ll be pottery by the Nulladulla Potters, beautiful unique fused glass pieces by Jan Huon and stained glass works by Mechelina Flynn.

Talented local artist Yvonne Reilly has kindly donated a raffle painting titled ‘Lighthouse Channel, Ulladulla’, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Rural Fire Service.

EMAIL:    –   Website: Millhouse Art Society



More paintings by talented Millhouse Artists can be seen at Millhouse Courtyard Art Gallery (opp. Milton PO). With free admission and wheelchair access it’s definitely worth checking out. The Summer Exhibition will be hanging from December till March. Opens weekends and school holidays from 10.00 am – 3.00 pm.

Updating the action during the past 2 weeks


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook beach,mollymook surf club

Tony Ireland – Bondi to Bronte Ocean swim

Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook beach,mollymook surf club

John and Sean – L’Étape Australia


Tony Ireland traveled to Sydney at the weekend to compete in the Bondi to Bronte ocean swim. Tony finished 6th in his age group.

John Louth, Sean Pidcock and Mark Stewart traveled to Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains at the weekend to participate in the L’Étape bike ride. (The Ride is 108 km and next year they are planning to do the actual L’Étape Race over 170 km) 

The 170km Race route is as tough as a mountainous stage of the Tour de France. It is held under full Tour de France Professional conditions and runs on fully closed roads whereas the shorter version of the Race, the 108 km Ride is for those who wish to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and experience of L’Étape without the added pressure of the final Col de Kosciuszko climb.

L’Étape Australia provides amateur riders with an experience as close to riding in the Tour de France as it is possible to get with fully closed roads and a mountainous course that is the equal of a mountainous stage of the Tour de France.

In 2016 and 2017 L’Étape Australia was the largest Tour de France event held outside France.

International versions of L’Étape are held annually in various countries around the world to give local riders a Tour-like experience. Events are staged in countries such as Australia, Colombia, Brazil and South Korea among others.

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Mollymook U/19 Girls BRONZE – World Titles

Inspirational Teenagers! (To good a story not to share)

Mollymook U/19 Female Boat Crew,mollymook beach,Mookie Rookies,Mollymook surf club,2018 SLS World Championships

Kyla Wall, Chloe Scott, (Sweep) Marty Drysdale, Mia Garin & Eliza Green

Mollymook U/19 Female Boat Crew,mollymook beach,Mookie Rookies,Mollymook surf club,2018 SLS World Championships

Mollymook come from behind to claim BRONZE


The Mollymook U/19 female boat crew win BRONZE at SLS World Championships, Glenelg Beach S.A.

This was undoubtedly the most inspiring effort I (Ken) have witnessed in my 60 years of surf association & competition.

On Friday the teens were scheduled to compete in 3 heats to determine the top 12 crews that would proceed through to the semi-finals scheduled for Saturday. However Thursday and Friday’s master’s events had to be all crammed into the Friday due to the disruptive weather earlier in the week. This resulted in our teenage crew of 16 and 17 year old girls having to compete in 3 heats, a semi and a final all on the Saturday. A monumental task, a massive undertaking for these youngsters, who it is understood were the youngest crew competing in the entire carnival.

The difference a day can make: Saturday arrived and the surf was absolutely flat, there was to be no luck like catching a wave, the best rowers would win the medals. Marty mentioned that “they didn’t come with high expectations, but to see how they would fare against the best crews”.

In the 3 heats during the morning they gained a place in each heat thus qualifying for one of the two semi-finals that would pitch the 12 best crews against one another. These were the last few events to be decided on the Saturday. With little time to recuperate after the third heat, the youngsters lined up for their semi-final. Would fatigue now take its toll some wondered?

The surf was flat and the wind had disappeared, there would be no respite to be had from runners or such like, every race was pure hard slog. In their semi they came from behind to claim 2nd position and a place in the final. It was an amazing effort!

The final can be seen in the various pics below.

Their start was like ‘poetry in motion’ brilliant! They reached the first ‘gate’ buoy just behind the leading bunch. Then out to sea they reached the turning buoy in about 4th or 5th position, their turn was executed perfectly.

They were 4th at the gate buoy on the way home just behind the New Zealand crew using the Henley boat with possibly 80 metres left to row. Pure guts and determination is the only way you could describe their final effort as they clawed their way up to be equal with the 3rd boat (New Zealand) and then managed to pull away over the final 30 or so metres to claim 3rd and a BRONZE medal.

1st position and GOLD went to Dicky Beach, Qld. SILVER to St Kilda, Vic. BRONZE to the Mollymook youngsters and 4th Waimari Beach Surf Club, New Zealand competing in one of the boats made available on loan by the Henley S.A. Surf Club.

Swimmers tackle the Rail Trail – Bike Ride


The Mollymook Ocean Swimmers tackle the Rail Trail


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Bike ride,Mollymook beach

Victorian Rail Trail – Bike Ride, Highlights


Swimming Pool Opened for the Season



Anyone for a few pool laps 


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook beach,mollymook beach waterfront


Tim Mooney writes from Singapore. The temperature is 25 C both in and out of the water. Unlike the Ulladulla sea pool this one here in Singapore is only 25 metres, so I do 40 laps three times a day to hopefully loose the baguettes n cheese. See you Monday. Maybe.


Mollymook, Change of Season, Easterly wind


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Ulladulla sea pool,Mollymook beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Mollymook surf this past week with the easterly and east nor east winds



Ocean swimming was not inviting throughout the past week with the daily wind direction from either the east or east nor east making for a bumpy / choppy ocean with rips and currents prevalent.

The Ulladulla sea pool has been painted and Leisure centre staff advise it will be filled and available for use sometime during next week. A great back up for when conditions are not ideal at Mollymook.

Ray A. writes: “Hope all is well in the land of Molly, the rocky outcrop (pic below) remarkably overshadowing my powerful hulk is Monemvasia. This impregnable fortress town has been hotly contested over two thousand years,being presided over by Grecian, Venetian and Ottoman rulers. This citadel island was never breached but taken via the art of siege negotiation.  See you all soon“.

Red Algae Bloom at Mollymook Beach


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Red Algae Bloom,Mollymook beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Red Algae Bloom at Mollymook Beach, Saturday afternoon


The following information was found on the web in relation to ‘Red Algae Bloom’.

According to Wikipedia the “red tide” is a common term used for a harmful algal bloom. It is not uncommon for it to occur nearly every summer. This bloom is caused by microscopic algae that produce toxins that kill fish and make shellfish dangerous to eat.

An article in the Washington Post back in July, reported: “a 26-foot whale shark found dead on Sanibel Island, on Florida’s southwestern Gulf Coast, its body riddled with the neurotoxin produced by tiny algae in the sea.

Marine scientists don’t know for sure how it died, but they have a suspect the Karenia brevis algae — a single-celled organism that’s currently in a massive bloom cycle, called a red tide. 

The red tide has claimed many many victims this year on the Florida coast, which has become a rotting marine graveyard. At least a hundred manatees, a dozen dolphins, thousands of fish, 300 sea turtles, and more have died or washed along shores in putrid-smelling masses. They were all likely felled by the red tide.

The red tide is a normal, seasonal occurrence in southwest Florida. But this year’s red tide has persisted since last November — nearly a year now — making it the worst bloom since 2006.” 

A BBC report had the following to say: “Since November 2017, the red tide has taken a toll on the marine life around this extremely diverse paradise. At least 29 manatees are confirmed to have died due to the toxin by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Seventy-four more deaths are being investigated. The FWC has documented 588 stranded sea turtles and attributes 318 of them to the red tide. 

But the red tide can also affect people. According to the National Oceanic Service, sea waves can cause K. brevis cells to release toxins into the air, causing skin irritations and respiratory problems. For people with chronic conditions such as asthma, the red tide can make them very sick.”

The following information was provided by Monica Mudge: 

A link to the recent algae seen at Jervis Bay. (Info from SCC)

I’m trying to find out if it’s linked to all the red jellyfish currently in the ocean (the lions main jellyfish), which I believe it is. I’ll let you know.

A link to the recent story from the Narooma news regarding the jellyfish.

X Moni



Editor: Ken Banks on behalf of the Mollymook Ocean Swimmers

Bike Ride – ‘Back of Burrill’


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Burrill Lake,Mollymook beach,Lake Tabourie,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

‘Back of Burrill’ – Bike Ride



The day started with us wondering whether it would be too rainy to ride but after a few text messages and phone calls were exchanged, we gathered a group of 14 intrepid riders prepared to get wet.

Starting at Burrill Lions Park, we headed across the highway, turned into Wallaby Drive and then Wyoming Avenue to find the path to the heritage listed Aboriginal Cave. We stopped for a look at the cave, which was occupied for 20,000 years before European settlers arrived and from a time when the ocean shore was over 18 km further east than it is today. We then travelled along Burrill Lake Drive, with a notable and challenging detour suggested by Bobbie, finally exiting at Wheelbarrow Road. From here we headed across to the back of Lake Tabourie before returning to Burrill Lake, locking up 17 km overall. 

Beautiful scenery around Burrill Lake’s southern edge and Lake Tabourie.  Stand out performances by Issi who rode to the start from home, Simone for pure dare-devil Kamikaze riding and Kaitlin who managed the hardest part of the ride on a bike a bit too small until Mum (Cheryl) took pity and swapped for her bike on the way back. It was hard to keep up with Jacqui’s E Bike speed ascending the steeper hills but we gave it our best shot.

Riders included Bobbie & Lyn, Issi, Paul, John & Nikki, John & Jacqui, Cheryl & Caitlyn,  Robbie & Simone, John & Margy.

Commentary by John Louth and Pic credits, John and Simone


Mollymook Swimmers – Worldwide News


Mollymook Beach – France – Italy


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook beach

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook beach

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook beach

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook beach


The weekend finally brought some nice waves for the boys and girls. Above pics, Ed climbs onto a nice wave at Mollymook beach.