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Mollymook Ocean Swimmers – 2014 Awards

 Eminent ‘Master of Ceremonies’ 

The local Mollymook Ocean swimmers were very fortunate to obtain the services of eminent ‘Master of Ceremonies’ H.G. Nelson and ‘Rampaging’ Roy Slaven, aka Bill and Roscoe. They did an admirable job containing the boisterous conduct and maintaining the entire awards presentation throughout the evening to a tight schedule. “Well done Roy and HG”.

Mollymook Ocean Swimmers,mollymook,ocean,swim,swimmers,beach

Mollymook Ocean Swimmers,mollymook,ocean,swim,swimmers,beach

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Christmas in Mollymook

 Welcome to Christmas in Mollymook

mollymook,ocean,swimmers,beach,Golfie,Golf Club

Local model and Ocean Swimmer plays Santa

mollymook,ocean,swimmers,beach,Golfie,Golf Club

Christmas joy and celebration – drinking responsibly

 Feedback is pouring in:

Louise M. “Well if it’s not Santa’s little helper Johnny from the Golfie (I use the term ‘little’ loosely)!”

Phil R. “all the best (John) in the … wonderful world of club management in 2015”

Brian G. “It’s BAD SANTA”

Louise M. “ho ho ho that’s hilarious!”

John H. “It’s a gee up from another club manager”.

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Mollymook – Mountain to the Sea – Marathon 2014

Mollymook Marathon,Mollymook,ocean,swimmers,Pigeon House,Cupitts,Burrill Lake


– ‘Mountain to the Sea’ – Marathon 2014


42 kilometre Marathon Course

The course begins at the foot of Pigeon House mountain. The 1st leg is a 5 km hike to the summit of Pigeon House Mtn. and return. The 2nd leg comprises a 25 km bike ride from Pigeon House Mtn. to Burrill Lake. The 3rd leg a 5 km paddle on a Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) across the lake and up the backwaters to Cupitt’s vineyard. This is followed by a 4th leg, 6 km run to North Mollymook Beach, then the 5th leg is a 2 km swim to South Mollymook completing this leg on a wave riding body board.


The Event

It’s a social event whereby contestants can do the entire marathon or just a few selected legs of the marathon. It has been made possible by the vision of two boys Harm and Jonathon Schaap helped by their dad Ice in aid of raising funds for Turia Pitt’s charity ‘Interplast’.

Check their “Mountain to Sea” marathon on Facebook.



Remember to support the sponsors who make so many events possible: Tallwood Restaurant, Board Lounge, Cupitt’s Restaurant and Winery, M & J Green Builders, La valle Fisheries, Kristy’s fitness and well being, AKWA surf, Surf House Narrawallee, Office National, Tucker R/E, DDe-signtech, Coastal Paddle Surf.


Mollymook Ocean Swimmers

The Ocean swim group were represented at this full day testing event by Bobby White our elder stateman, Simone Scott and children Chloe & Jamie with dad Rob in the support crew. Cheryl and daughter Mia. John and Tracy’s daughter Melissa.

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Cupitt’s Restaurant Extensions & Al fresco deck

cupitt's,ulladulla,milton,restuarant,winery,extensions,one hat

Cupitt’s Restaurant extensions designed to provide maximum viewing over the vineyard and lakes as a compliment to their ‘Fine Dining’

The Cupitt family are to be applauded for the magnificent well designed extensions to their restaurant and adjoining Al fresco area’s. Whilst still retaining the intimacy for fine dining they have taken every advantage to capture the wonderful rural scenery looking over the vineyard and the back waters to Burrill Lake.

cupitt's,ulladulla,milton,restuarant,winery,extensions,one hat

Burrill Lake back water and upper reaches.

cupitt's,ulladulla,milton,restuarant,winery,extensions,one hat

Vineyard and Burrill Lake scenery

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Christmas Greetings Mollymook from Vietnam


Christmas greetings from Vietnam.

Having a great time in Vietnam, its a wonderful place. Very lively and noisy. Its chaos when I’m on a motor bike as they drive on the wrong side and I forget to look the other way but they swerve well and don’t drive as fast as us. Lots of people getting around on the backs of motorbikes.

Vietnam war memorials

Been doing a lot of revisiting of the Vietnam war remembering Apocalypse Now, ” Love the smell of napalm in the morning” and Platoon. I’ve visited the Cu Chi tunnels where the Vietcong staged their final assault to take Saigon. I could fit easily into those tunnels. (Ken you’d have to do a bit more running) Ho Chi Minh is the main man here. Beat off the French then the Americans. Fairly depressing visiting the War Remnants museum. Remnants of place, weaponry and people, however I have seen some great cat traps I could use in my own back yard!

Ocean / river swimming in Vietnam

Haven’t seen anywhere to swim as yet. The Mekong looks like Beach Hut coffee and is about as inviting. Well I’ve now moved to Da Lat, it’s up in the hills away from the smog and noise where they grow lots of flowers and strawberries.  (PS. John. If I win a trophy at the swimmers Christmas party can you look after it for me?) Craig.

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Mercy Ships Australia TV coverage

volunteer doctors,volunteer nurses,Africa,Mercy,Ships,mollymook,ocean swimmers,Africa Mercy

Mercy Ship Africa

Mercy Ships Australia TV coverage

Channel 7

Sunday Night program 7pm, 14th December Channel 7 (that’s this Sunday night) and then available online at ‘Plus7’.

Channel SBS

Sunday 21st December 8:30pm on both Channel SBS One and Channel SBS HD, and then available online at ‘SBS On Demand’. This will be the ‘new’ 54min (longer) version of ‘The Surgery Ship’ documentary..

Please tell your friends

This coverage provides a wonderful opportunity to lift Mercy Ships’ profile in Australia. It would be greatly appreciated if you are able to support our efforts by forwarding this advice to your contact list, with a recommendation that the recipients forward to their contacts.

Promo video

The 30 second promo video for the Channel 7 episode of Sunday Night can be watched on this YouTube link.

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Mercy ship to feature on Channel 7, Sunday Dec 14

floating hospital,Seven’s Sunday Night,Africa,Mercy Ships,mollymook,beach,ocean swimmers,Africa Mercy

floating hospital,Seven’s Sunday Night,Africa,Mercy Ships,mollymook,beach,ocean swimmers,Africa Mercy

World’s largest independent floating hospital to feature on Seven’s ‘Sunday Night’


Along the coast of Africa, a long way from Australia, there is a desperate need for medical help. Here, a state-of-the-art floating hospital. On board, a team of dedicated Australians transforming lives – free of charge.

This is the basis of a story featuring on Sunday Night on Channel 7 at 7.00pm on December 14.

Filmed on location in the Republic of the Congo, the story centres on the work of the world’s largest independent hospital ship, Africa Mercy, during its 10 months docked in the Central African nation performing surgeries for conditions often not seen in the West.

“The only difference between me and the patients is the fact that I was born in Australia,” observes Rinnah Fry, a paediatric nurse from Bundaberg who has volunteered three times with Mercy Ships, the international charity that operates the Africa Mercy. Rinnah is one of the many Australian medical personnel who make up more than 450 volunteers staffing the Africa Mercy.

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Mercy Ships Australia on Channel 7

 Mercy Ships Australia, screening on Channel 7 December 14 at 7.00 pm

Mercy ships,mollymook,beach,ocean swimmers,Africa,Mercy,ships

Mercy Ships Australia, screening on Channel 7 December 14 at 7.00 pm

 Not to be missed:

Channel 7 screening the above presentation Australia wide at 7pm on 14th December following a film crew visit to the ship early this year in the Republic of Congo.

It highlights the wonderful work being done by Australian volunteers, Doctors, nurses and others.

These volunteers are the real heroes who help enable all medical services to be provided free of charge to those in desperate need.

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Mrs Top Restaurant NOW CLOSED

 Reviews Mrs Top Restaurant,Reviews Mrs Top,Mrs Top Restaurant,Mrs Top,Milton,restaurant


Mrs Top Hosts, Vanessa & Anatolij have over 25 years of experience in hospitality as chef/owners of Mrs. Top restaurant in Sydney at Marrickville and Neutral Bay.

They have an amazingly extensive a la carte menu in their popular restaurant that offers fine dining to guests and to the well-informed locals who delight in the rustic feel and the friendly atmosphere of dining at Mrs Top Milton NSW.

Phone: (02) 4455 2099 or 0414 905 041

Map & address: 63 Wason Street, Milton,


Open Friday and Saturday evenings.

For reviews, continue reading

There’s more, continue reading.