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Christmas Greetings Mollymook from Vietnam


Christmas greetings from Vietnam.

Having a great time in Vietnam, its a wonderful place. Very lively and noisy. Its chaos when I’m on a motor bike as they drive on the wrong side and I forget to look the other way but they swerve well and don’t drive as fast as us. Lots of people getting around on the backs of motorbikes.

Vietnam war memorials

Been doing a lot of revisiting of the Vietnam war remembering Apocalypse Now, ” Love the smell of napalm in the morning” and Platoon. I’ve visited the Cu Chi tunnels where the Vietcong staged their final assault to take Saigon. I could fit easily into those tunnels. (Ken you’d have to do a bit more running) Ho Chi Minh is the main man here. Beat off the French then the Americans. Fairly depressing visiting the War Remnants museum. Remnants of place, weaponry and people, however I have seen some great cat traps I could use in my own back yard!

Ocean / river swimming in Vietnam

Haven’t seen anywhere to swim as yet. The Mekong looks like Beach Hut coffee and is about as inviting. Well I’ve now moved to Da Lat, it’s up in the hills away from the smog and noise where they grow lots of flowers and strawberries.  (PS. John. If I win a trophy at the swimmers Christmas party can you look after it for me?) Craig.