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Mollymook Ocean Swimmers, Gold Medals


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Simone Bayne, on her way to winning a GOLD Medal at the NSW Country Surf Titles


Mollymook Ocean Swimmers, Gold Medals at NSW Country Surf Titles


Another wonderful Country Surf Championships event was held over this past weekend at Cape Hawk (one-mile beach), Forster.

How time flies. As a teenager, Simone Brayne (nee Everett) was one of the foundation members of the Mollymook Ocean swim group back in 1999. For a number of years she was a regular competitor at the various ocean swim events throughout NSW travelling regularly with the likes of John Sarich (formerly Smeeth), Bobby White, Peter Cooke, Kim Wilson etc. Twenty plus years on, married with a family, Simone  continues to do what she enjoys most, swimming in the ocean. Still a regular swimmer in the annual Mollymook Ocean swims, today she spends her spare time with husband and children heavily involved in the Mollymook Surf Club. And of course competing at country and NSW State title events, this year entering and winning the 40 to 49 masters age category.

A convincing winner, a wonderful lady of outstanding character, with family including Mum and Dad travelling up from Mollymook for the event.


Mollymook,Mollymook Surf Club,Mollymook Ocean Swimmers,Mollymook Beach Waterfront,destination mollymook milton ulladulla

Simone Bayne, GOLD Medal, Masters 40-49 age category, NSW Country Surf Titles

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Swimmers celebrate Australia Day at Bawley Point


Mollymook Ocean Swimmer’s celebrate Australia Day at Bawley Point.


Bawley Point,Mollymook ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook,Mollymook Beach, Arctic swim

Bawley Point,Mollymook ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook,Mollymook Beach, Arctic swim


Swimmers entertained at Bawley Point Beach Reserve

Roving reporter Kath Rogers writes, “We had a perfect day at Bawley Point Beach Reserve.
Swimming, snorkeling, eating and laughing, and more dipping in that divine ocean.
Thanks to Greg, Kate, Sue and Chris for organizing this lovely day.

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LOOSE DOG ATTACK on Narrawallee Beach


Narrawallee Beach,Narrawallee,Mollymook,Local Tourism,destination mollymook milton ulladulla

Narrawallee Beach – loose dog attack


UK Tourist injured at Narrawallee Beach

A gentleman from the UK provided the following information in regard to the injuries sustained by his 77 year old wife who was knock over by a dog let loose on Narrawallee Beach on Saturday January 14, 2023.

Russell wrote: “I am emailing you to ask if you could please post a “thank you” which might reach  a man who came to our rescue on Narrawallee beach on Saturday January 14th ? We live in the UK and were on holiday at Narrawallee. On Saturday last, January 14th., my wife and I were walking on Narrawallee beach at 07.45.  with our son’s dog. A couple emerged from the reserve  and released their dog which rushed loose towards our son’s dog and knocked my wife off her feet, landing on her shoulder, with serious injuries. She was in great pain and fainting.

A passer-by named OSSIE who has  first-aid training helped her, stayed with her and gave absolutely correct instructions that she must not be moved until an ambulance arrived. He was absolutely marvelous to her and I want to thank him. 

She was taken to Milton hospital and severe injuries diagnosed, upper arm smashed with splinters,  with instructions to go to a Sydney hospital after 7 days.  Yesterday we took her to Sydney’s Northern Beaches hospital where she has had major surgery, the bones pinned together and then plated, and her collar bone repaired, and a warning that she may need a shoulder reconstruction.

My wife is 77 and it is life-changing injuries, for both of us. We cancelled the rest of our holidays and she will need care for a long time.

The couple whose dog attacked her were less than helpful, ……. 

Please, if you could in some manner publish a “thank you” to “Ossie”. Sincere thanks, Russell.

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Iceberg Award to Mollymook Ocean Swimmer


Mollymook Ocean Swimmer presented with the ‘Iceberg Award’.


Mollymook ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook,Mollymook Beach, Arctic swim

Mollymook Ocean Swimmer, Kath Rogers shows off her ‘Mollymook Beach, Iceberg Swim Award’


‘Swimming in the Arctic’ awarded to Kath Rogers

From roving reporter Mike Gaffney, “Mollymook Ocean Swimmers are known for their wintry ocean adventures but this achievement really put an icy shiver up everyone’s wetsuit.  

Last year during her Icelandic travels with Geoff, Kath decided to go for a dip.  We understand that it was somewhere north of the Arctic Circle.   

In recognition of her polar achievement, Kath was duly awarded the 2022 Iceberg Award.   Pretty cool eh?

[nb: Certification was arranged by John and Jacqui under the auspices of the Mollymook Ocean Swimmers 2022 Night of Nights. The ceremony took place at an extraordinary morning meeting at the Beach Hut] ” 

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Mollymook Beach, a surfing mecca for tourist


Mollymook,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront,surf,surfing,things to do

Dolphin display at Mollymook Beach


Sydney tourist fall in love with Mollymook.


Tourist from Sydney staying at Mollymook posted their January 2023 review on Google mentioning the “gorgeous view of the ocean where we saw both surfers and dolphins riding the waves”. They enjoyed every minute of their stay, not only the beach but the many other places to visit in the surrounding areas on their trip as well as the fantastic local restaurants. 

On departure, they wrote saying; Yes, we will definitely be back!

For an extensive list of things to do in the Mollymook, Milton Ulladulla area, click on the link: Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla



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Small Town Provisions, a hidden gem in Milton


Small Town Provisions,eating out,Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Milton,NSW,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Small Town Provisions, Milton N.S.W.


‘Small Town Provisions’ is a hidden gem in Milton, NSW.


The Mollymook Milton Ulladulla area has some incredible eating outlets. The ‘Rick Stein’ restaurant at Bannisters, Mollymook was first to really place this local area on the tourist map for fine dining. This has been followed by exceptional restaurants, Gwylo (formerly operating as Tallwood) and Small Town (formerly operating as St Isidore) often acknowledged by ‘Good Food’ guide with a HAT to signify their quality of food and service.

I am a local and as ‘Editor of the Mollymook News’ I like to share, and bring to the attention of our visitors some of our exceptional eating venues that may go un-noticed.

‘Small Town Provisions’ is one such outlet. Newcastle tourist, guests of Mollymook Beach Waterfront love exceptional food, they had lunch at ‘Small Town Provisions’ on Friday, January 7 and spoke so eloquently, full of praise about this beautiful outlet down the side street of Milton (Wason Street) which is not on the main drag and I’m sure is un-noticed by many visitors. In fact Rod and Marla were the only guests during the time they had lunch. My wife and I went for lunch the following day, we were first seated but other guests arrived and they were full at the time of our leaving.

We found the menu small BUT nonetheless more importantly, the food was amazing. 

Our 1st course was a shared plate of ‘Salt & Paprika Squid Aioli’. Our rating, an absolute 5/5.

Our 2nd course was a shared plate of  ‘Ortiz Sardines Espelette Toast’. Again our rating, an absolute 5/5. 

Two courses shared were sufficient, however we had already ordered a 3rd course, a shared plate of ‘Fromage Du Jour’. Again 5/5.

Quality, up-market alcohol is also available to enjoy with your menu selections. Verdict: ‘Small Town Provisions’ is highly recommended.

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Boorowa Bird Life.


Boorowa,Superb Parrot,Bird Life,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Boorowa Signposts

Boorowa,Superb Parrot,Bird Life,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Superb Parrot


Boorowa, Home of the Superb Parrot.


Boorowa was usually my first stop over during my trips heading west for bird photography and likewise my last port of call on my return. I had travelled through Boorowa on many occasions over the years with all entry roads featuring the sign ‘Superb Parrot’ – ‘Superb Country’. Friends likewise, familiar with Boorowa and this sign, they too had likewise never seen a ‘Superb Parrot’. I ultimately began thinking that this sign must just be an advertising gimmick.

Then in early October I stayed overnight in the caravan park. In the morning the weather was miserable, light rain and not really suitable for bird photography. As I was preparing to leave and come home, SWOOSH ! A flock of between 50 and 60 Superb Parrots landed in this tree alongside the caravan park that was in full blossom. Later I spoke to the caretaker at the caravan park. She said they come at this time every year, it’s their breeding season.

The following week I returned to this same place. This particular tree was devoid of blossoms, however I was able to get some lovely pics of Superb Parrot’s not too far away.

Also at Boorowa there is a magnificent walkway along the Boorowa River where I was able to also get some more pics of other species.

I even noticed the Bakery, named “Superb Bakery” in the main street, apparently popular with the local community for both breakfast and lunch.

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May 2014 News – Mollymook Ocean Swimmers

Mollymook ocean swimmers,mollymook,ocean,mollymook beach,beach

May 2014 News

Plenty happening in this idyllic place, Mollymook.

  • Pete Humphries, where is he these days, they ask? Well the young reporter paid Pete a visit the other day at his building site. “He said well you know when to turn up, we are just finishing up for the day.” Take a look at Pete’s face covered in cement. They had been pouring most of the day beside fitting steel work into the water tank. It will be some house when its finished.
  • Feedback from last weeks article on Grant Kenny: “You two would have to have a body and face lift to look like Grant Kenny. And a sun ray lamp. Thanks for the laugh”. Allie
  • Christmas in May: Yes a special occasion, Jackie finally got out of bed and made a belated return to the ocean. And guess who she swam with? Grant Kenny!
  • The Kids from Cape York: Back on deck with their bundle of joy and sent through this pic below, taken of the amazing sunrise from their Garside home deck.
  • “Popeye” the photographer paid us a visit and took these beautiful images of the “Bogey Hole” and “A Lady and her companion”.

Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla


There’s more, continue reading.