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Mollymook Ocean Swimmers Christmas Party

Swimmers committee: Billy, Grant, Craig & Keith

 The Mollymook Ocean Swimmers celebrated their 2011 end of year activities with fabulous food, wine and camaraderie at the Mollymook Beach Hut Cafe.

The committee searched high and low for a venue this year due to its past reputation of being a little boisterous. However with Jan overseas and Kim having moved to the North Coast the new owners of the Beach Hut cafe were prepared to chance them.

Bruce and Theresa with their staff that included an acclaimed Asian chef left no stone unturned to put on a sumptuous choice of fine dining sea food dishes that included prawns, oysters, calamari as well as catering for those with special needs. (Click on images to enlarge)

In his welcome address; Billy the organiser welcomed our patron and most recent swimmer Rodney Austin. He also extended a special welcome to Dick & Mary who had travel from Sydney for the occasion and Mike from Canberra. He reserved his special praise for the staff at the Beach Hut. Billy echoed all the swimmers thoughts waxing eloquent in praise for their creative culinary skills.

Bobby White then took centre stage to acknowledge his RBW Valuers team efforts in the recent charity swim relay. Following their outstanding effort recording 2nd place in the final, Bob presented team members Grant, Keith & Ken with a “grayscale” photo copy of his coloured version. (They didn’t appear impressed with a “grayscale” photo copy but nonetheless accepted in their accustom gracious manner)

Bruce & staff
Ocean Swimmers
2011 Ocean Swim Champion

Controversy reigned over coffee the following morning when one committee member revealed he had not been consulted in the closely fought contest for ocean swim champion. As no protest had been lodged by fellow swimmers, committee member Ken announced that the original decision would stand. He later posed for photo shots with his trophy.