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Treading Water, isolation Charleville, Qld


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John Sarich’s isolation story from outback Charleville, Queensland.


Hi Mollymook Ocean Swimmers. All is very quiet in Charleville. 


Being a bit of a hermit, social distancing is pretty easy for me.There are no tourists in town which is tough as this is peak tourist time. Another shop has just closed down in town.


The weather here is remarkable at this time of year, temp ranges low teens to high twenties and low thirties every day. No clouds, no wind. No more rain until next summer.


I recently went for a drive out into the bush for a brief change of scenery. I came across a dead python. Poor thing, a Woma Python, which is a desert python. These guys eat other pythons. It has wide stripes, like a tiger shark, but its head is a stunning gold and black.


I was going to take my caravan to my new home beach , Agnes Waters. Its only and 800 km drive, but Covid-19 put a halt to that.


Its an awesome spot and I can highly recommend a visit if you haven’t been. Its the last surfable beach heading north on the east coast of Qld. Til next time, all the best , ciao. John


In closing, thanks to Graeme C. a beautiful You Tube video featuring Nana Mouskouri. Click on the link: FREUNDE


The stories you have each contributed are much appreciated, read some sample responses below:

General comments:

RW. wrote: We are really enjoying the postings to see what every one is up to …

J.G. wrote: Keep these stories and dittys coming ….

L. & I. We are loving the stories. All fine in Lockhart. Hope we can come down soon. Leonie and Ian. Xxxx🚶🏻‍♂️🏊‍♂️🍮

J.L. Keep the stories coming.  Inspiring example by Kaye of how to maintain our fitness and sanity during this crisis.

W.J. wrote: Great pics of the sunrises n moon. The sunrises n sunsets over green island have been amazing. We are very lucky to live close to the ocean to witness nature at its best.  Missing everyone!  🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️😩

L.M. wrote: Missing everyone… it’s just not the same …. something we take for granted is seeing our friends.. our people everyday….. now we can’t see our people you realise just how precious our morning swims, banter with friends mean. 💓💙

B.J. I love reading the posts / stories each day.

Anzac Day post:

L.B. responded: I am so enjoying all the stories of the local area. So many different experiences for us all. Love the photos today of Anzac Day , so great to see so many embracing the spirit of Anzac.

M.D. responded: Fantastic, many thanks.

Katie’s story on the COVID-19 virus.

J.L. responded: … What a superbly written piece by our Dr Katie. Very wise advice and a logical explanation of the potential danger of a rapid return to high infection rates if we ease off social distancing at this stage. Thank you Katie.

Peter the Priest’s story:

K.M. wrote: Such a great story!

Lena’s story:

I.S. So moving, I’ll have to read Lena’s story again.

A Poet Discovered During Isolation:

Kaye B. wrote: Thanks for sharing ,was beautiful.

L.R. wrote: Yeah I really enjoy reading the stories. 

Helen’s towel dancing technique:

Jon Donohoe AM. Surf Club Patron wrote: I can’t wait each day to open up your email. It helps me to keep in contact with what’s happening in Mollymook. It’s great to read about what people are doing . Keep up the good work and keep giving us the good news.

M.P. responded: … fantastic that idea of Helen for Neal, dancing with a towel.

J.L. responded: … By the way, I’m practising my towel changing technique. Thanks for the challenge Helen and Neil

M.M. responded: … Great information

H.G. Saw John Louth practising the towel technique, I wish I had a camera.

R. & J. W. wrote: Thanks for all the posts, it does give us a good laugh and helps with the isolation .  

L.Mc. wrote: Thank you for the posts. We love them and they make us feel closer to you all. Keep it up and let’s hope we can all get together soon. Xxxx

T.M. wrote: Neil can borrow my home made towel privacy tent if he’s feeling the two towel stage routine is a bit stiff. 

N.G. wrote: An absolute ripper.

J.G. Wrote: .. well the challenge is on!  ha ha 

Yippee for the lock down post: 

M.P. responded: … the romantic side of your make up Ken, look out June

K.J. wrote: That’s excellent! The best story!!!

T.H. wrote: Great photo of you and June 

I.S. wrote: Oh Ken and June I LOVE your story!!! So clever. And the end pic of 2 fatties! 😂

Kaye’s exercise idea’s:

J.S. responded: Kaye’s idea and pics are awesome. 

J.H. wrote: Kaye is a champion!

Laura’s pool swimming:

J.S. responded: .. a tip for Laura W. Put a large mirror on the bottom of the pool. Not only eases the boredom but you can adjust your stroke if need be. 


In case you forgot to click on the earlier mentioned ‘You Tube’ video featuring Nana Mouskouri. Here is that same link: FREUNDE










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