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Driftwood Cafe for Group Functions


Driftwood cafe,Milton cafes,Driftwood,cafe,milton,nsw

Driftwood Cafe Milton, NSW

Driftwood cafe,Milton cafes,Driftwood,cafe,milton,nsw

The Birthday group all smiles – Lunch is served

Driftwood cafe,Milton cafes,Driftwood,cafe,milton,nsw

The Birthday Cake: Thanks Suzanne


Accolades flow for a fabulous luncheon put on by the Driftwood Staff.

Billy R. reflected on the marvelous luncheon, extensive menu, fine food and ideal location, the Driftwood cafe is for small group get together’s:

Billy wrote: “As you can observe some of the more senior members of the ocean swimmers went to the Driftwood Cafe at Milton for a luncheon to celebrate a young and one might add, quite a vibrant looking John L. for his 66th Birthday and Joe W. ..the ageless, her 40TH 50th 60th birthday. “Who knows” and who would dare tell!!

  • Now how does a entree of Soup a L’oigon or … Cheese Souffle sound
  • Or how about for the mains — Seafood Chowder that included the genuine N.Z. green Mussels marinating in this mouth watering Chowder.
  • A serving of Coluilles Saint – Jacques
  • Or tickle the taste buds with an Italian pizza al Prosciutte accompanied with a garden fresh Italiano olive salad

“WELL ALL I CAN SAY IS FLAMIN’ BAD LUCK” We had none of these!!

But what I can say is this.’ The dinner menu on John and Jo’s birthday luncheon at Driftwood, was a delightful selections of delicious superbly prepared meals that would do any well patronised boutique restaurant proud, served by an accommodating and friendly staff . Even the coffee to finish with was an excellent brew.

A must for anyone that has not tried their food, or just relaxing, sitting out on the rear deck of the cafe sipping on a Mugachino soaking in those glorious Southern Coastal views stretching out over the green hills towards the distant, faint glimmer of the Tasman Sea. You could almost imagine the ocean shimmering away putting on a lovely dance for all to see embracing the mornings sun-rays. Just one of those magnificent Autumn mornings so typical at our little village on the highway called Milton.


Driftwood cafe,Milton cafes,Driftwood,cafe,milton,nsw

Salt & Pepper Squid in Salad bowl

Driftwood cafe,Milton cafes,Driftwood,cafe,milton,nsw

Mixed plate