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Whales perform at Mollymook, Oct – Nov 2017


Whales perform at Mollymook, Oct. – Nov. 2017


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Whale Migration on the NSW South Coast


Whale sightings were a regular occurrence during October & November at Mollymook Beach Waterfront.

The whale watching season was in full flight, especially during October and November as the whales returned with their calves, heading to their feeding grounds at the south pole.

Sightings by Mollymook Beach Waterfront accommodation guests’ were predominately of the ‘Humpback’ whales although there was one sighting of an Orca (Killer Whale). The latter are easily recognisable with their striking black and white / cream markings and extremely long, tapered dorsal fins.

Its the humpbacks that are renown for their spectacular ocean antics, leaping out of the water, rolling in the air with their huge fins outstretched like wings and crashing noisily back into the ocean.

They can measure between 14 to 18 metres at maturity and weigh up to 50 tonnes. They are easily recognised due to their active behaviour and unique black and white markings.     (Click on images to enlarge)