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Mollymook Swimmers – Christmas & New Year


Traditional New Year’s Day, ‘Length of Beach’ swim at Mollymook

.,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Some of the 40 or so New Year’s Day swimmers

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Mike Gaffney & his special swim cap,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Thanks Ray, Prosecco for the Christmas Day swimmers,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Bob and Garry sympathize with each other,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

A young healthy John Holt

The importance of Sharing: Bob shares the graphic details of his prostrate cancer removal and slow recovery whilst not to be outdone, Garry tells Bob of his ongoing pain from his knee replacement. John is all smiles, he hasn’t reached their age. (yet)



Visitors during the Christmas Period.,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Emily Hutchinson, English Channel swimmer 2018,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Nicole Brown, Rottnest Channel swimmer 2018


DUKE & CO. CAFÉ Milton displays Mollymook Ocean Swimmer Tim Mooney’s Art work,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Art display at Dukes Cafe Milton,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Tim Mooney, Art at Dukes


Tim Mooney advises that he has an art show running during January at the Duke & Co Cafe in Milton.

His art works are figurative and still life, predominantly oil and Conte on linen. They are all new works featuring his memories of images from his recent trip to Europe. Tim writes; “he was intrigued as to how prolific the masters were in their lifetime. They just thrashed out the work. It made him realize that you’ve got to have a go”.


Mollymook Ocean Swim – New Year’s Day

The question has been raised: How responsible are Mollymook ocean swimmers?

On New Year’s Day at one stage of the annual ‘length of beach’ swim there were 40 or more swimmers spread out over a km from the lead group to those at the tail end, with one swimmer well out to sea. Swimmers included some who don’t swim at Mollymook on a regular basis. How skillful were they? Were they healthy and fit? What about some of the Mollymook swimmers who are getting on in years? Ross endeavoured to get swimmers to record their name on a chalk board only to find at the conclusion of the swim, all names had been rubbed out. (The procedure back in 1999 – 2000, Leigh Pontefract would record all swimmers names and marked them off upon their return)

Over the year’s we have been lucky so far at Mollymook with only one serious rescue of a swimmer who passed out. This happened a number of years ago and fortunately when he passed out, two other swimmers were close by, saw his head under water and reacted immediately. But what if by chance they weren’t close by and hadn’t noticed as quick as they did?


Dick Morath kindly provided the following in regard to this subject. “Two great friends- both of whom swam with the Mollymook swimmers – John Tremain and Michael Gordon – died swimming. John died in a race at Balmoral – he was unconscious in the water for over 20 minutes before we missed him. That is when we introduced the names on a board for the races – so if someone is missing we find out quickly. Michael who swam at Mollymook last Christmas was in his 50’s and was as fit as a fiddle. On his return to Victoria he entered into a swim at Port Phillip Bay and had a heart attack during the swim, by the time someone got to him he couldn’t be revived – so it can happen to anyone.

At Balmoral we have had a swimmer pulled from the water unconscious and revived on the beach, and another who on two occasions had a heart attack and was brought back by the use of a defib! 

The key thing is age- look at the ages of the Mollymook swimmers- the odds of a medical event in the water are increasing. Now the usual daily swim to the creek tree or reef is pretty much ok – you can usually see everyone. But once we go the whole length of the beach it is very hard to know where everyone is. Which is why at a minimum, Ross’ idea of the list of swimmers and crossing off your name when you finish is a good step to take. I’ll be back in a week and happy to discuss further”.


Mollymook swimmers are encouraged to consider how they can minimize the risks they individually take, ocean swimming.


What this in the Ocean at Mollymook?,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

What was this sighted in the ocean two days ago?,mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach

Moments later, it moved but still had us guessing, what could it be about 100 metres out from the shore?



Graeme Cutler forwards this YouTube link: Dolphin wipes out Surfer