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Mollymook Ocean Swimmers Book – PROGRESS UPDATE


Sunday’s Practice Photo Shoot for ‘Swimmers Book Cover’


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Portrait image in very low res for use on the web

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Landscape image in very low res for use on the web


Just a brief update on progress. Above were some experimental images (not cropped nor the end result) to get the camera settings critiqued on the Sunday morning. Then on Monday morning we had more volunteers to help fill the image and appearing more relaxed. The above gives you some idea of what I would like to achieve for our Mollymook Swimmers (20 year history) book cover. Our swimmers entering the water early morning as is our routine.

My heartfelt sincere thanks for the expertise of Therese Spillane and her daughter Alex and partner Dane. Also my sincere thanks for the 6 swimmers on Sunday, Ben, Garry Hunt, Heather, Ross, Laura and Garry Jenner. They also came and backed up for Monday’s photo shoot along with additional support from Issi, Karelle, John White and Bob White.

I am continuing to get so much help and positive feedback in my quest for images and information from outside sources.

From the Cronulla ‘Shark Island’ swim committee, Scott Williams wrote:

“Thanks for your email and request to use the images in your story about the Shark Island Swim for your upcoming book on ocean swims for the Mollymook crew. You have the full support and permission from Cronulla SLSC and the Shark Island Swim committee to use said images. I have included a hi resolution PDF of the course map and will send a couple of images of the swim itself should you wish to include them with your chosen images. For the record I have swam with the Mollymook swimmers a few times over the years as we are good friends of Mike and Julie and also Izzi from down there, always a friendly group of people”. 

Kim Wilson has sent in info on her SwimTrek swims overseas.

Kerry-Lee Gockel wrote: Hi Ken, Thank you for your email. Paul and I are more than happy for you to use our photo for your book. Best of luck with your project! Kind regards, Kerry-Lee

Champion marathon swimmer Tammy Van Wisse wrote: Hi Ken, Thank you so much for your lovely words. I’m really honoured to be included in your history book of Ocean Swims and am happy & thrilled to approve the content that you’ve forwarded me. Wishing you all the very best – happy swimming. Best fishes, Tammy 🙂




Editor: Ken Banks on behalf of the Mollymook Ocean Swimmers