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July 2015

 Former Mollymook Surf Club and Ocean Swimmers compete with distinction in Hawaii

Mollymook Ocean swimmers

Col & Kim compete in Hawaii Ocean Race


Hawaii – Hanalei Bay Ocean Challenge


9th Annual Hanalei Bay Swim Challenge

Kim and Colin have just participated in the 9th annual Hanalei Bay Swim Challenge on the stunning island of Kauai in Hawaii. The three kilometre swim was held in flat 26 degree water with Kauai’s dramatic green mountains as a backdrop. Not surprisingly Colin swam well finishing 5th outright and 1st in his age division. Kim kept the Byron Bay flag waving coming a very respectable 29th overall and placing 2nd in her division much to her delight. They now head to the U.S. mainland for more adventures in and out of the water. They plan to meet up with Val and Grant and provide a stoke by stroke entire account of the swim.



Little John 1st in a field of 102 golfers


Graeme lost the plot – 2nd last out of 102 golfers



Kookaburra at Beach Hut with swimmers


While Sam worked Brett was at play.


Mollymook surf club

Gary checks water temp

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook,ocean,swim,swimmers,beach,Mollymook surf club

Water temp 12 in Sookie Corner & 14 at the Creek


Mollymook Ocean swimmers

Billy on a wave

Mollymook surf club

Shaun treading water


Mollymook surf club


Mollymook Ocean swimmers

Roy Morgan survey on popular sports