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Graeme’s birthday revisited


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Swimmers night out at the Pool Bar.


Graeme’s Birthday REVISITED!

Roving correspondent; Roscoe files this report:  After a great day at Ceto’s last week Helen requested “can we do it again with Ross & Jo and anyone else that wants to catch up” The Harvest Bar was suggested but the “carers” were going there with their work colleagues from their other job, so as not to embarrass them Bannister’ s Pool Bar was the call. Graham and Debbie were invited to make up for the big birthday event that he didn’t attend, so the evening started off with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to Graham and it was all downhill from there!
Although the principal carers were not in attendance there were sufficient deputies to ensure an almost one on one ratio! NSW Health take note. And were they needed, almost immediately the seniors started to wander off from the enclosure, (private room), and proceeded to jump around the place in the belief that they were dancing to the music. The carers soon joined in on the dance floor and kept a watchful eye on their charges in case of any falls or injuries. A couple of noted performances were Jacqui “maracas” and dancing Dougie although some believe he was only trying to get to the bathroom!
The only down side to the night was the Birthday boy thinking we had bought him there as a present, he not only ordered extra takeaway but shot through without paying! Ulladulla police have been notified and are investigating.
All in all a great night was had by all, John Louth was last seen sneaking out for a “toke “ with some stranger who gate crashed the party.
Images contributed by Debbie.

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