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Bob’s Coronation Milton Ulladulla Rotary Club

Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Milton,Ulladulla,accommodation

Bob’s Coronation

Milton Ulladulla Rotary Club

The Coronation: Pic: Brian Morrison officiates, Tues. June 24, 2014

Over eighty people were in attendance. Distinguished guests included family members, friends, (Note: no swimmers were invited) MP Shelley Hancock, Lyn White, community leaders, the Presidents of the local View Clubs, the commodore of the marine Rescue NSW Ulladulla branch Ken Lambert and the Rotary District Governor Maureen Manning.

It was a sober occasion as Bobby pondered the task ahead providing leadership & change during the next 12 mths reinventing the local rotary group to meet the challenges of the modern era with a contingent of elder statesman. 

One swimmer asked : How were the swimmers to address Bobby in future? Would it be Sir? When we went to school we addressed the head honcho (teacher) as Sir!

How will Lyn address Bob????  What about .. ??

There were no end to the questions, so the young reporter thought it best to excuse himself.

Carnage on Tuesday: With wind gusts reportedly up to 100 Km / hr. The Mollymook shopping centre lost electrical power and was blacked out during the day whilst trees were blown over in the wind gusts. The back wash from the wind on the ocean was larger than the shore breaks.


  • Re Post – Heat rising from the water: ….. that was absolutely beautiful swimming in the mist. We had the mist around us. We had aqua blue clear water covering us like a warm blanket. We had the amazing sunrise with rays of gorgeous light and the half moon heading to the west of us! It really couldn’t get any better than that!! A very spiritual early morning! Issi.
  • Re Post – Billy’s pie: That pie of Billy”s sure looks good to me. We miss you all very much seeing all these beautiful pictures. You make us SO home sick. However water temp here 22 C.  Allie and Bruce, Noosa – Qld.
  • Re Post – Billy’s pie: Billy that was the  best pie I’ve ever tasted. Issi.

There’s more, continue reading.

Feedback coming in for this post just released:

How did you get those pictures and info? As president I demand an answer. Ve haf veys of making you talk.
Your eminence is probably Ok to address me. I don’t need any special formality. Of course you can’t now look me straight in the eye. Don’t talk to me unless you are first addressed by me unless you are buying me a coffee. A sharp click of my fingers on a half raised arm should be enough to gain your attention. Don’t make me do a second click. Otherwise situation as normal.
Bobby, The Other President
The White House.


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Milton,Ulladulla,accommodationMollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront,Mollymook,Milton,Ulladulla


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Milton,Ulladulla,accommodation


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Milton,Ulladulla,accommodation


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Milton,Ulladulla,accommodation

Golf-Course – Note the lack off root system, no wonder it fell over.


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Milton,Ulladulla,accommodation


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Milton,Ulladulla,accommodation