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Ordinary people from all walks of life with a common passion for swimming, gather at Mollymook beach each morning, every day of the year for a swim in the ocean. The Mollymook ocean swimmers comprise retirees, school teachers, financial wizards, a librarian, brick layers, bus drivers, builders and cleaners. They swim at their own pace, some use aids such as flippers &/or wet suits. Some choose to swim to the reef whilst a smaller earlier group swim to the end of the beach and return. Each to their own, they just swim whenever they want, as far as they want, and meet up for coffee at the Beach Hut cafe after their swim.
Swimmers are encouraged to swim in groups or pairs with other swimmers of similar speed.

Mollymook Ocean Swimmers – Mollymook Beach

Mollymook Ocean Swimmers,Mollymook,beach,Swimmers,ocean,swim

Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,ocean,swimmers,beach

Mollymook Ocean Swimmers

Mollymook Beach

Heather in ‘Neverland’ some claim a fictional place of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys and others.
Heather experiences ‘heaven on earth’, shear peace and tranquility on this idyllic morning in the ocean at Mollymook beach in a balmy 23c with birds flying above and the sun beginning to appear from behind the clouds. 
The rest of the swimmers swam up to the reef whereas other enjoyed the short course to the southern end and return.
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