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Harvest Bar, Milton NSW


The Harvest Bar: Brilliant young operators with a great business model.


Harvest Bar,Mollymook Beach Waterfront,Milton NSW,milton,nsw

Lucas & Amelia operators of the Harvest Bar at Milton NSW


Lucas and Amelia have made a huge impression in the local entertainment / dining scene. They are energetic youngsters with a vision and business model that is building a very solid clientele at their Milton ‘Harvest Bar’. The above pic was taken towards the end of January having been run of their feet during the hectic holiday season, backing up daily to provide exceptional service, great music and relaxed dining. Guests from Mollymook Beach Waterfront loved this venue for both lunch &/or dinner, visiting on numerous occasions. Comments included ‘a great vibe and ambience’ but what has struck locals and visitors most of all, was their generosity. Their servings were very generous and at a very fair price. Highly recommended!

They have become a ‘MUST Visit’.  Click on the link to check out their ‘Harvest Bar’ Facebook page.