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Dining at the Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club

Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club,The Greens Brasserie,casual dining,bistro,restaurant,Ryan Smith,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Casual dining, bistro and restaurant meals at the Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club


Phone: 02 4454 3600      Address: 68 / 74 St Vincent Street, Ulladulla      Web Site: Menu – Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club

Opening hours:     Café to   –   Lunch / Dinner 12.00 to 2.30 pm and 5.30 to 8.30pm

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Licensed Clubs, Ulladulla and Mollymook

Licensed Clubs in the local area consist of the award winning Ulladulla Ex-Sericemens club, Milton Ulladulla Bowling club, Mollymook Bowling club, Conjola Bowling club and the Mollymook Beachside Golf club. Links to each are listed below as are phone contact numbers.

  • Milton Ulladulla bowling club. web: Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club     Phone contact: 4454 3600 Services: courtesy bus, ATM, Swordfish Bistro open daily for lunch & dinner.
  • Ulladulla Ex Servo’s club. web: Ulladulla Ex- Servo’s Club  Phone contact: 4455 1444 Services: TAB, courtesy bus, ATM, EFTPOS, Sea Salt Restaurant open daily for lunch & dinner.
  • Mollymook bowling club. web:  Mollymook Bowling Club        Phone contact: 44 55 5222 Services: courtesy bus, ATM and the Bistro is open from Wed to Sat for lunch and Tuesday to Saturday for dinner.
  • Conjola bowling club.    180 Lake Conjola Entrance Road, Lake Conjola NSW 2539   Tel: 02 4456 1272
  • Mollymook Beach-side Golf club. web: Mollymook Golf Club            Golf Road, Mollymook.      Phone: (02) 4455 1911            (Click on images to enlarge)
Licensed Clubs,Milton,Ulladulla,Mollymook,beach
Mollymook Golf Club
Licensed Clubs,Milton,Ulladulla,Mollymook,beach
Mollymook Dolphins
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