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Bawley Vale Estate – Jazz in the vines

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Bawley Vale Estate – Jazz in the vines


The Pigeon House Jazz Band provides for a magnificent afternoon at the Bawley Vale Estate, relaxing, sipping on some of the magnificent 2010 vintage wines just released.

Vineyard owner Maurie Abbott’s approach to wine making is simple: produce wines loved by 80% of the wine drinking population.

This is a diametrically opposite approach taken by previous owners looking for something unique for Bawley, perhaps trying to impress the <20% of wine connoisseurs. I’ve tasted the former vintages and in my opinion these recent vintages produced by Maurie are superior. I’m of the opinion that these latter vintages are real winners for the Bawley Vale Estate.

I’m look forward to the local wine show with expectations that the judges will likewise demonstrate the distinction I am suggesting.


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