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Night time Fishing Rod Launch


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,C-it-briteideas,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront


Greg Young Launches his Night Time Fishing Rod Attachment.

Scheduled to take place this Friday morning at the Mollymook Beach Hut Café.

Time: 8.00 am        Cake for this special launch by Kate.       Web siteC-it-Brite ideas



Our specially-designed rod clip makes night fishing easy. Simply attach behind the reel and you’re set.



The adjustable strap fits most rods, and its flexible and water-resistant material ensures that it’s built to last.



The unique strap design works on a range of items, making it ideal for camping/boating.



The LED torch uses three 1.5V AAA batteries.




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Molly circumnavigates Fingal Island, solo.


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach Waterfront


Graeme (Molly) Wolfenden circumnavigates Fingal Island in an 8 km solo, ocean swim.


Graeme moved to the Port Stephens area from Mollymook and began swimming with the ‘Shoal-Bay Wharfies’. Accordingly they gave him the nick name ‘Molly’.

Prior to his move up north, Graeme was one of the foundation builders of the original Mollymook Ocean Swimmers group and the inaugural Mollymook Ocean Swim Classic in 2003.

Moving north to the Port Stephens area he has made his presence known as a keen ocean swimmer. Here is an example of his most recent feat:

Graeme writes: “The old adage, ‘Don’t let the old man in’ was ably demonstrated last week when I (aged 68), completed a solo ocean swim circumnavigating Fingal Island in 2 hours 40 minutes. Water safety was  provided by members of the Fingal Bay Surf Club and several ‘Wharfies’.

The 8 km swim was undertaken in treacherous seas (on the ocean side of the Island), with some bommies unloading on me and a couple of sharks for company. This swim had it all!

Anyway I became the first person to complete this challenge – I must be mad! Our swimming group have t-shirts displaying “ Don’t let the old man in” fits perfectly with me, nearly 68 and still having some mongrel left in me. Say hi to the gang down Mollymook way. What memory do they have of me?” Regard, Graeme.  

P.S. Some of Molly’s previous swims have been from Shoal-Bay to Hawks Nest ( Jimmies Beach) and return and on another occasion from the Tea Gardens bridge to Shoal-Bay.



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Citrus Catering: Exceptional dining Experience!


Citrus Catering, an Exceptional dining Experience

Citrus Catering: Jonny the head chef and staff provided the swimmers with an exceptional dining experience.

A big thank you from John, Jacqui and nephew Chef Jonny.

John writes: “Wow folks, what a great evening we all enjoyed! Besides the exceptional dining experience, the friendships built through our common interest in ocean swimming is something we will always treasure.  It’s inspiring to know that so many of our swimmers and their partners are keen to live life to the full and participate in whatever adventure or experience is planned. And we all are the beneficiaries, part of a merry band of swimmers, partners and friends.  Besides swimming (that’s a given), bike adventures, bush walks, running, music, parties, dining experiences and of course laying turf …. the list is endless. Oh did I overlook Issi and her recent organised activities playing golf and bare foot bowling? How great for us “not so young ones” to enjoy the company and energy of our younger friends, exhausting as that might be at times ha ha!

Thanks to all who joined our group dinner last Saturday at Bawley Bush Retreat. It was very good of you all to help us support our nephew Jonny Staples in his pop-up restaurant venture. Getting the opportunity to meet Kathy’s friend Geoff and having our latest ocean swim members Jules and Rob join us, also made it a special occasion.

Jonny asked that we pass on his thanks to you and says it’s a pleasure to provide for such a wonderful group of guests. He calls you guys our other family. You might have noticed the hugs for Nanny and Poppy received from Jonny’s daughters Maisie and Evie who hold a special place in our hearts as does Jonny’s wife, Jules, who some of you met when we adjourned outside.

Ken did an excellent job of the food, venue and kitchen photography. He was rather taken with the stained glass windows, and took time to enlighten us with the names of the birds depicted in them. No prize for the noisiest table because we all put in a stellar performance with no clear winner.  We’ve received some great complimentary feed back about the menu and the venue, which proved to be a beautiful tranquil spot with cool breezes and immaculate grounds.

Oh and one more thank you to all those who provided lifts. We were treated to a ride in Garry and Noelene’s Porche Macan … what a thrill. Jacqui would have been even more thrilled if she’d been in the drivers seat but the rest of us were quite happy with the designated driver.

Thanks again everyone! Looking forward to the next adventure”. Regards, John.


P.S. If you would like to personally thank Citrus Catering then feel free to leave them a 5 star review on Google. Link: Citrus Catering 

Click on the pics to enlarge them.


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Australia Day Celebrations


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Australia Day 2021 was not our traditional style swim


Mollymook Ocean Swimmers Celebrate Australia Day like no other.


Spectators at the Beach Hut café were agog, what in the world is going on. The ocean swim group normally do a length of the beach swim to celebrate Australia Day each year. BUT 2021, here they are floating down the beach with the strong ‘north-south’ current next to the sandy shore. The question was asked did anyone get a picture for proof? What were their names? 

Sanity prevailed. Apparently the leadership group agreed that the swimmers would earn their coffee simply by floating down with the strong ‘north-south’ current rather than attempt to get out and swim in these very challenging conditions with strong rips, currents and large bumpy / choppy swimming conditions.


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Good News: Transformative Change – 2020 to 2021


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

12 months ago, Lloyd and Ruth’s house burnt to the ground


Ian McLeod files this report: Transformation continues to take place at Lloyd and Ruth’s Place


Latest news: Last Friday morning 6 pallets of turf arrived at Lloyd and Ruth’s place, Little Forest Rd. Word was sent out by Liz for the turf laying team to get off their  backsides and out to Lloyd and Ruth’s. The team arrived with all manner of gear to get the job done. Lloyd had spent 3 days on his trusty Kubota (darling) spreading some 15 tonne of top soil over the back yard. 

At the team meeting, jobs were allocated and into action?? we went. How theatrical does Lloyd look standing on the first laid roll of turf! The team steadily got into rhythm and 2 morning tea breaks later some 320 rolls had been laid out transforming the back yard into a vista of green as can be seen in the pic below.

The team comprised:

Liz… organiser, loader and waterer.

Leonie…morning tea(yum) and waterer.

Ruth… loader, wheel barrow and interpreter of Lloyds barking requests (orders)

Sue…yummy chocolate cake.

Kate…rock remover(has a good throwing )arm, loader, layer and wheelbarrow mover.

Mike, Chris, Don, Greg and Ian…all of the above. Special mention of Don and Greg’s levelling talents. Greg gets the working with thongs award!!

Duncan and Lucas did as directed by Mum and Dad.

Lloyd… the operational supervisor. (You’d think he had some skills in directing turf laying).

It was a great to see the transformation of the backyard to green. We are hoping we don’t get an invite to do the mowing!!  Regards Ian.



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Mollymook Beach – This past week in review


This past week captured in photos. An amazing week from perfect swimming conditions to a big surf that coincided with the brief visit of Peter the Priest and then upon his departure, conditions got back to some form of ‘ideal’ for the swimmers.



Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Mollymook Beach – Monday am. Beautiful calm swimming conditions.


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Mollymook Ocean Swim Competitor in Wahun, China


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront


Mollymook Ocean Swim competitor, Professor Dominic Dwyer is a member of the WHO delegation in Wahun, China.


Australian microbiologist, Professor Dominic Dwyer a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Sydney and has been appointed a member of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) delegation currently in Wahun, China with the purpose of investigating the source of the original outbreak of COVID-19. 

Dominic is a keen ocean swimmer having competed in the 2 km Mollymook Ocean Swim Classic on numerous occasions as outlined below:

2019 – 2 km Mollymook Ocean Swim he finished 71 overall and 49th in male category, just behind Lloyd and ahead of Jill P. in a time of 38:01 (60-69 age category. Overall number of competitors was 190)

2018 – 2 km Mollymook Ocean Swim he finished 57 overall and 38th in male category and ahead of Lloyd on this occasion and 6th in his 60-69 age category. (170 starters)

2017 – 2 km Mollymook Ocean Swim he finished 54th in the male category in a time of 34:12 and 3rd in his 60-69 age male category. (309 starters)

2010 – 2 km Mollymook Ocean Swim he finished 52nd overall in a time of 33:56 and just behind Tony Ireland. (266 starters)

2008 – 2 km Mollymook Ocean Swim he finished 40th overall, in 34:44, only 4 seconds behind Dick M. and 3rd in the 51-60 male category. (184 starters)



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Supporting contributors to our earlier post on our headline act – ‘Peter the Priest’


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Another pic of our headline act – Peter the Priest


A brief update on the supporting acts today for Peter the Priest.


As the BOM meteorologist Melody Sturm reported today on the current surf conditions, “We’re seeing waves over three metres high just off-shore, and closer to the coast (there’s) a little less height in those waves, but they’re still quite powerful”.

Peter the Priest, as seen earlier was the headline act providing entertainment for all and sundry, however not to be overlooked were the supporting contributor’s. 

Click on images to enlarge



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Mollymook Beach Entertainment – Peter the Priest


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Peter enjoys this glorious morning in Mollymook


The Exploits of Peter the Priest.


BOM meteorologist Melody Sturm gave her latest report on the current surf conditions and said, “We’re seeing waves over three metres high just off-shore, and closer to the coast (there’s) a little less height in those waves, but they’re still quite powerful”.

Peter the Priest having recently transferred from the Northern Territory to Sydney, chose to spend a few days at his favourite South Coast destination, Mollymook. Aware of the hazardous surf conditions, Peter revels in a big surf and this was his day. Whilst other swimmers spent their time in Mollymook’s ‘sooky corner’ Peter got out the back, waiting on the big sets to come through. From the Beach hut café, spectators were able to enjoy this incredible spectacle, as if Peter had nine lives or as another spectator mentioned, “maybe he has a higher power looking down, after him”.  Anyway after eight big sets of waves, Peter choose not to push his luck to far, and it was time for coffee, so he finally came back to shore.

Click on images to enlarge



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Times Newspaper article on Laura’s marathon swim for MND


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Laura prepares for her 27 km ocean swim from Palm Beach to Sherry Beach to raise funds for MND


Times Newspaper article on Laura’s marathon swim for MND

Laura explained that this ocean swim will take me between eight and nine hours, however, it will only take you a few short minutes if you wish to contribute a donation to help us fight MND together. Laura’s swim will be from Palm Beach to Shelly Beach [South of Manly] and she is up for the challenge because she has set her sights on raining much-needed funds for MND.

Her gaol is $10 000 and so far has raised $6,486. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible and can be made direct, follow this link:  FightMND on their secure website.” 

She mentions her gratitude for the support she has received from local Mollymook Ocean swimmers. Recently on a 20 km / six hour training swim in the ocean off Mollymook  she received lovely support from Lloyd, Sean, Ross, Greg, Kate, Grant, Simone, Chris and Sue, Kaye and Monica, and Garry and a number of others throughout the six hour swim.

The full article can be read on Page 9 of today’s local Times Newspaper. Laura is grateful for their support of her fund raiser! 



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Breakers Cafe, Mollymook – Reviews


Mollymook,breakers,cafe,breakfast,beach,Mollymook Beach waterfront

Mollymook,breakers,cafe,breakfast,beach,Mollymook Beach waterfront

Breakers Cafe, Mollymook

Breakers Café located on Ocean Street just up from the beach provides lovely coffee, quality food and service with a very attractive menu.

Highly recommended.

Freshly baked home-made muffins, scones and cakes are also available throughout the day for those who just want a snack &  coffee

Owners: Michael and Eddie. Hostesses: Sandra and Emma

Open Daily from 7.30am – Phone:  (02) 4455 2200 

Facebook: Breakers Café  

There’s more, continue reading.

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Swimmers Dinner at Bawley Bush Retreat


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Mollymook Ocean Swimmers Dinner at Bawley Bush Retreat. (Bawley Bush Retreat file image)


John L. provides the following info in regard to the planned dinner this Saturday January 23rd at Bawley Bush Retreat. “We have made a firm booking for all those who have put their name on the list. Total of 42 Mollymook Ocean swimmers and partners, which means that we’ve booked the whole restaurant for the early 5:30 pm sitting. If we can all meet there about 5:15pm that would be great as it allows us to get settled and place our orders early.

Directions: It’s easy to find by turning left off the Princes Highway at the Bawley Point turnoff, Termeil and then turning right onto Willinga Road about 750 metres past the Bawley Vale Estate Winery. The Bush Retreat is about a 3 minute drive past the winery as shown on the map below.

The menu for that night is also included below and it is BYO. They have credit card facility so it will be easy for payment. The menu looks like it will be OK for most diets but anyone who has other particular dietary restrictions can contact me ASAP on 0439588000 and I’ll do my best to arrange something”. Regards, John.



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Where the Bloody Hell are You?


Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront

Where the bloody hell are you Chris?

Mollymook ocean swimmers,Mollymook,Destination Mollymook Milton Ulladulla,Mollymook Beach,Mollymook Beach Waterfront


Ski-less and alone . . .   A tale of romance and adventure on the high seas of the South Coast   (By contributing Editor Mike G.)

A howling nor-easter awaited as a socially distant cluster of intrepid ski paddlers made their way beyond the heads of Ulladulla Harbour en route to the southerly port of Lake Tabourie.

As they scooped and swayed ever eastward toward the continental shelf, the bravest among them – a fellow called Chris, veered his vessel to the right hoping to catch and slide the swell. With his comrades beside him he rode the waves, glancing over his shoulder for the next herd of white horses to carry him onwards to his beloved partner, Sue waiting on the shores of the mystical romantic south coast lake.

Suddenly, without warning, Chris and his ski were thrust high into the air by a rogue bombora. Crashing back into the briny, his leg rope (with expensive GPS enabled watch and very expensive ski attached) parted company with his body.

He was alone, ski-less and drifting in the angry sea miles from shore.

His paddler mates and his surf ski were gone, blissfully riding and sliding their way southwards.  With only his faith in his ocean swimming ability and his love of Sue to sustain him, Chris pressed the location device on his life jacket – flares and signals rang out.

In far off Nowra, a Navy helicopter was dispatched in haste. 

Meanwhile Chris floated about watching for signs of dangerous sea life, reflecting on the meaning of life, and occasionally thinking about swimming the forty or so kilometres back to shore (actually, this needs a fact check!).  His reverie was disturbed some 30 minutes later by the sound of rotors overhead, and the sight of a rope (with rescuer attached) descending upon him.

Shortly after, Chris was hooked up, embraced, and ascending above the swell to the swinging, hovering refuge of the Navy chopper. When asked where he’d like to be dropped off, Chris answered ‘Milton please’. The helipad at Milton was cleared for landing, and the ambulance was ready and waiting to lead the cavalcade and await the media frenzy at Milton Hospital. Chris, his body littered with all sorts of devices to monitor his bodily functions, calmly disembarked and rang Sue who was waiting patiently down at Lake Tabourie.

‘You’re where?’ asked Sue feeling somewhat inconvenienced. ‘We are supposed to meeting everyone at the Milton-Ulladulla Bowlo for dinner, now we are going to be late’.  Needless to say, both Sue and Chris made it to dinner – and we were all very pleased and relieved that this tale of romance and adventure ended happily.

Chris was lost and then found – safe and sound. A tale of adventure and romance, which is – well – not all fake news!

Ed. Note: Chris is now at unbackable odds to take out the 2021 Mollymook Ocean Swimming – Golden Flipper Award



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Milk Haus Wholefood Canteen


Milk Haus Wholefood Café


Milk Haus,milton,nsw,cafe,canteen,wholefood,restaurants

Milk Haus, Wholefood Canteen

Milk Haus,milton,nsw,cafe,canteen,wholefood,restaurants

Directions to MilkHaus. (Turn at traffic lights & head West)

Milk Haus providers of Whole Food

Facebook quote: “Milk Haus was dreamed up by passionate people who have an appetite for cooking and love of the earth to create a cafe experience that is fun and nourishing”

Location: 170 Woodstock Road, (Situated in the old Cheese Factory at Woodstock, Milk Haus is a wholefoods cafe that aims to deliver fresh, honest, simple fare, free of toxins, preservatives and anything artificial. Good food that makes you feel energised and alive)

Open Hours: Thursday – Monday 8am-4pm // Closed: Tuesdays & Wednesdays


phone: (02) 4455 7293                website: Milk Haus Whole Food Canteen                 Facebook: Milk Haus on Facebook