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Mollymook Ocean Swimmers compete at Husky.


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Mollymook Ocean Swimmers take home the medals at the Husky Swim.


Mollymook Ocean Swimmers compete in the 3km Husky Swim.  


Kate Wardner files this following report on the Husky 3km swim last weekend: “On Saturday Ian, Cate and myself (with Leonie very kindly being support person) entered the Husky 3km ocean swim as part of the ‘Sand and Sea’ festival. 

While the water conditions at Mollymook were pretty miserable, Husky was blue and flat but with not great visibility – and apparently 19 degrees but still not warm enough for me to not wear a wetsuit after 27 degrees in Vietnam!!

As you can see we all got medals and stood on the podium, and were so caught up in the moment that Ian and I said we might do the 5km next year!!! (Or not).

A fun event and special thanks to Leonie. 

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