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Narrawallee Inlet, Birdlife.


Narrawallee Inlet, Birdlife.

Recently a friend took me around the Narrawallee Inlet in his small boat with an outboard motor. We especially headed up into the ‘backwaters’ in the hope of spotting and ‘Azure Kingfisher’. Although we didn’t see an ‘Azure Kingfisher’ we did enjoyed fabulous scenery and a number of different bird species.

Perhaps the highlight was travelling back to the entrance where there was a roped off section on the northern side of the Inlet entrance. We met some National Park volunteers who were ensuring the shore birds were safe during their mating and hatching season from any dogs off leash or humans, disturbing these shore birds. (Species we observed included Red Capped Plovers, Hooded Plovers and Australian Pied Oystercatchers.

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