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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Molly swims at Shoal Bay


Wonderful Swimming Conditions at Shoal Bay


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Shoal Bay,Shoal Bay Whalfies

Shoal Bay Beach provides for 2 km + open water swimming in perfect conditions


Water temp. 18 c and flat smooth swimming. They call Graeme Wolfenden ‘Molly’ among the Shoal Bay Whalfies who number about 47 however they don’t all swim every day, on this sunny day the 9.00 am start attracted 14 swimmers. Some have asked about the Broughton Island 18 km marathon swim that was scheduled for April 2018. The swimmers advised that the swim had been called off due to about 22,000 king fish escaping from the fish farm in  Port Stephens which attracted a shark feeding frenzy. 

Winter arrives as does a BIG SURF


BIG SURF at Mollymook Kamikaze & Crystal reef breaks


Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook beach waterfront,Mollymook Kamikaze reef break,Mollymook Crystals reef break


Winter arrived last Friday and so to did a huge surf. The big wave riders had a ball taming the Mollymook Kamikaze reef break & the Mollymook Crystals reef break. There was action and enjoyment for the many onlookers. The Mollymook Ocean swimmers wisely chose to just get wet rather than take on the big surf.

(Pics taken at a distance as I was unable to get any closer, such as locating myself on ‘Flat Rock’. But nonetheless you can get the feel for what these ‘Dare Devils’ were taking on.)