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Mollymook Ulladulla Climate & current 4 Day Forecast

MOLLYMOOK  – year round CLIMATE!

Statistics from the Sydney Bureau of Meteorology, indicate that the Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook district has the best climate on the east coast of Australia. Towns on the north coast of NSW and in Queensland often suffered from climates that were too hot and humid in the spring, summer and autumn months, while other tourist towns in other states had extremes in climate conditions that were not experienced in the Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook area.

Statistics from the regional Director of the Bureau of Meteorology in Sydney indicates that the temperature and rainfall experienced in the Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook district is far more pleasant that that experienced say, in Coffs Harbour. Yet Coffs Harbour has long proudly acclaimed itself as an area with a “perfect climate”. Coffs Harbour suffers with a mean yearly rainfall of some 1759ml (69″) whereas Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook has a more reasonable total of some 1266ml or 50″.


Contrary to popular belief that the NSW South Coast is cooler and is a place to be avoided in cold months, the Bureau of Meteorology figures show that in winter the mean daily temperature in Coffs Harbour is 13.6 while Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook is only slightly cooler at 12.0. This should explode forever, the myth that the NSW South Coast is cold and, like the birds, tourists should head north for the winter. The mean daily temperature for the hottest months, shows that Coffs Harbour reaches 23.1. Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook is not far behind at 21 again not a significant amount by any means. The two figures that are firmly in Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook favour are the ones that indicate that Coffs Harbour has had the highest reading of 43.3 whereas Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook is shown at 38.1, a far more agreeable and pleasant climate than its northern counterpart.   Compiled by Gary Dale.

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Mollymook Beach Sunrise
Mollymook,Ulladulla,Milton,Beach,Ken Banks,
Mollymook Beach
Mollymook,Ulladulla,Milton,Beach,Ken Banks,
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Mollymook,Ulladulla,Milton,Beach,Ken Banks,
Sun rising on Mollymook
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