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Swimmers – Day 2, Spring 2021


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Heather: an early morning solitary swim for exercise during lock-down. (File pic)

Heather writes: “Thanks for the photos and news updates, I’ve been watching the swimmers from afar 😉 🏊🏻‍♀️ some mornings I swim down in the corner. I’m also doing lots of walking. H”


Mollymook Swimmers, Day 2 in Spring during ‘Lock-Down’


Besides Heather’s words (above), Neil who is holed up in Canberra with wife Helen, wrote yesterday “Like many others, from a distance, I do enjoy the coming and goings of the Mollymook  swimmers …. and hope it’s not too long before Helen and I can share the camaraderie again. In the meantime: vaccination is the way forward ! All the best, Neil.”

And today, Neil gave the following update on his and Helens health issues: “Helen is progressing slowly and each day is a little better. My new knee is also working as it should, although it’s one step forward and 2 back until my arthritis drugs kick back in!!!  All the best to the swimmers ……… remember, save lives, get the jab! Neil”

Following yesterday’s post, Glynis wrote “Many thanks for your kind introduction. Not sure if I can call my movements through the water ‘swimming’ just yet, but lots of room for improvement !! 

Also in relation to yesterday’s post John wrote: “Looks like Ray will make his target of wet suit less swimming through winter eh?  Thanks for keeping us connected. Regards John”

Lisa wrote: “Great pics! I hope you are well. Jules & I are swimming in the morning, see you at dawn. Kind regards, Lisa” 

During last year’s lock-down, we have this MUST WATCH  ‘Blast from the past’; April 23, 2020 provided by Helen: Click on this following link: Helen’s challenge to the men in Isolation















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