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A Tribute to Moni

 A Tribute to Monica

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook,ocean,swim,swimmers,beach,Moni

Her love for ocean swimming

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook,ocean,swim,swimmers,beach,moni

Her other love – boat rowing


 Another ocean love is Monica’s passion for dolphins.

A brief look inside Moni’s world:

  1. A “Random Act of Kindness” sought by a dolphin in distress. The fact that a dolphin would come to humans for help maybe evidence of its’ intelligence, as most injured animals would never come close to a human. This is amazing to watch and a life-time experience for those two divers.
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  2. Dolphins save a surfers life.
  3. Young dolphin does a happy dance after being freed of a plastic bag.
  4. Dolphins protect ocean swimmer from a shark attack.
  5. Life in the ocean. A beautiful spectacle.