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editor Ken Banks

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Freakish weather reaches Mollymook


Wind chill of about 8c reaches Mollymook

Mollymook Ocean swimmers

A bleak morning greets a few brave swimmers


The Punters are all rugged up after their swim


Weather girl Heather files this special report:

Wild weather that dumped stacks of snow on the ski resorts and the inland tablelands, sent cold winds toward the coast. Heather photo’s these few ‘brave heart’ swimmers who turned up this morning at Mollymook for their morning swim. Three took off in the first wave followed by Big D and Don then a 3rd wave of about 6 swimmers.

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook,ocean,swim,swimmers,beach,surf club

Mild water temperature sends steam into the cold atmosphere

Mollymook Ocean swimmers,mollymook,ocean,swim,swimmers,beach,surf club

Ever-ready Raymondo with his plastic bag


Advertisement: “Do the right thing”

Our role model Raymondo undertaking his recent photo shoot in various locations. NOTE: At all times wearing his plastic glove just in case.


A different location showing off his plastic glove

Mollymook surf club

Emmy-Lou not a care in the world, however Raymondo is still wearing his plastic glove