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Farmers Markets Ulladulla


Gaia Farmers Market, Ulladulla Civic Centre – Every Thursday from 3 pm (Summer time)


gaia farmers markets

Gaia Farmers markets (Mother Earth)

farmers markets,ulladulla

Gardening guru Costa Georgiadis (Photo courtesy – Milton Ulladulla Times)


Gaia Ulladulla Farmers Market.

The weekly ‘Farmers Market’ commenced in Ulladulla adjacent to the Civic Centre. The attendance & support was nothing short of amazing with the promise to only get bigger & better. The local produce included choice cuts of locally grown beef, oysters, mushrooms, milk, fish, a large variety of fruits & vegetables.


farmers markets milton,NSW

An amazing crowd supports the Ulladulla Farmers Market

cupitts wines

Locally grown Produce



Local Cupitt’s wines

gaia farmers markets,farmers markets,ulladulla,milton

Local Grub – something for everyone


ulladulla,milton,cupitts wines,cupitt's,gaia

The ‘Hand Cut Food’ company featuring Clayton & Matt

gaia farmers markets ulladulla,milton

Entertainment adds to the festive spirit