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Bogey Hole

Mollymook “Bogey Hole”

A wonderful natural feature at Mollymook is the “Bogey Hole”. It is a large tidal rock pool ideal for swimming with an outer shelf area ideal for snorkeling. In a sheltered area it is attractive for sun bathers and picnics. Nestled between the famous “Golfie” surfing reef break, Beachside Golf course and Mollymook Beach’s southern headland, access is via a short walk around the headland or by vehicle along Riversdale Avenue and Burleigh Drive to the Collers beach parking area.

It is believed that the name “Bogey Hole” is from an Aboriginal word for “Bathing” and was used by Aboriginal people for 100’s or perhaps 1000’s of years as a place to “Bathe” and trap fish.

Mollymook Bogey Hole,Mollymook,beach,Waterfront

Relaxation, Mollymook Bogey Hole

Mollymook Bogey Hole,Mollymook,Beach,Waterfront

Mollymook Bogey Hole looking south

Mollymook Bogey Hole,Mollymook,Beach,Waterfront

Mollymook Bogey Hole Sunrise

Bogey Hole





Mollymook Bogey Hole bike ride

 Photo’s dating back to the early 1900’s show Collers Beach area as a popular picnic area and later in the 1960’s it became recognised for its now famous surfing reef break.           (Click on images to enlarge)

Mollymook Bogey Hole,Mollymook,Beach,Waterfront

Mollymook Bogey Hole aqua-aerobics

Mollymook Bogey Hole,Mollymook,Beach,Waterfront

Outer Bogey Hole resident Blue Groper

Mollymook Bogey Hole,Mollymook.Beach,Waterfront

1936 Golf course design adjacent to Bogey Hole

Because of its attraction to tourist, photographers and locals who regularly frequent this picturesque area, volunteers sponsored by Mollymook Beach Waterfront in association with “Clean Up” Australia, keep this popular “Bogey Hole” area clean on a daily basis.